Keynote Speakers

  Speaker   Title  
  Prof. V. P. Singh   Hydrology: Problems, Challenges and Opportunities  
  Prof. David Sauchyn   Climate Change Risks to Water Security in Canada's Western Interior  
  Prof. Alan Fryar   Using Oxygen - 18 and Deuterium to Delineate Groundwater Recharge at Different Spatial and Temporal Scales  
  Prof. M L Kavvas   Current Issues in and an Emerging Method for the Estimation of Flood Frequencies under Changing Climate Conditions  
  Prof. Ramesh Kanwar   Climate Change and Water Security : Policy Issues for Water Security for Societal Needs Water-Food Nexus  
  Prof. V. Ramaswamy   General Circulation and Global Hydrological Changes in the 20th and 21st Centuries  
  Prof. Diganta Bhushan Das   Dynamic Multiphase Flow in Porous Media in the Context of CO2 Sequestration  
  Prof. Rao S. Govindaraju   Estimating Field-Scale Variability in Soil Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity from Rainfall-Runoff Experiments  
  Prof. Yutaka Matsuno   Real Time Monitoring of Small Reservoir Hydrology Using ICT and Application of Deep Learning for Prediction of Water Level  
  Prof. Nicola Fohrer   Ecohydrological Assessment and Management of River Basins  
  Prof. Raghu Murtugudde   Key Drivers of Monsoon Craziness  
  Prof. John Keyantash   Indices for Meteorological and Hydrological Drought  
  Prof. Biswa Bhattacharya   Flood Modelling, Mapping and Monitoring of Sparsely Gauged Catchments using Remote Sensing Products  
  Dr. Gwyn Rees   25 years’ Collaboration between UK and Roorkee on Freshwater Science (A Personal Perspective)  
  Dr. Sanjay Giri   An Integrated Approach for Assessing and Managing Geomorphological Processes and Sediment Dynamics in Catchments, Rivers and Reservoirs  
  Er. R. K. Jain   Overview of Water Resources Management in India  
  Er. A. B. Pandya   Sound Data: Foundation for Water Security  
  Shri K. Vohra   Water Resources Management in India  
  Dr. N. K. Tyagi   Adaptation to Climate Change in Agriculture: An Exploration of Technology and Policy Options in India  
  Prof. P. P. Mujumdar   Hydrologic Change under External Hydrologic Forcings  
  Prof. K. N. Tiwari   Adapting Improved Agricultural Water Management and Protected Cultivation Technologies - Strategic Dealing with Climate Change Challenge  
  Prof. Deepak Kashyap   Impact of Climate Change on Groundwater System  


  Speaker   Title  
  Renato Morbidelli et al   Characterization of Annual Maximum Rainfall Depths at Regional Scale  
  Prashant Awsarmal et al   Third Party Assessment of Jalyukt Shivar Abhiyan of Aurangabad District  
  Dolly Rabha et al   Trend Analysis of Ground-Water Levels and Rainfall to Assess Sustainability of Groundwater in Kamrup Metropolitan District of Assam in Northeast India  
  Shelina Rajkumari et al   Assessment of Impacts of Climate Change on Runoff from Nuranang Watershed of Arunachal Pradesh  
  Vijendra Kumar and S. M. Yadav   Optimal Monthly Reservoir Operation to Maximize the Hydropower Generation  
  Prashant Awsarmal   Pilot Study of Jalyukta Shivar Abhiyan  
  R. K. Jaiswal et al   Use of Satellite Imagery as River Geometry in Hybrid Approach Hydrodynamic Modelling: A Case Study of 1-D and 2-D Modelling for Flood Forecasting in Gandak River in Bihar  
  M Kumar et al   Khando River Restoration Scheme Design: Application of 1-D and 2-D Hydrodynamic and Sediment Transport Modelling  
  Manish Kumar et al   Two-Dimensional Morphological Modelling for 600 km long Ganga in Bihar for River Erosion Management  
  Amit Gangarde et al   Trend Analysis of Precipitation for Coastal Districts of Maharashtra  
  Hassan Kazi et al   A Classic Example of Failure due to the Effect of Initial Condition in Morphological Computation in 2D Numerical Modelling  
  A. Flammini et al   Statistical Characterization of the Saturated Hydraulic Conductivity at the Plot Scale in Natural Grassy Soils  
  Abhijith Sathya and Santosh G Thampi   Impact of Projected Climate Change on Streamflow and Sediment Yield – A Case Study of the Chaliyar River Basin, Kerala  
  Rajendra Chalisgaonkar   Post Flood Disaster Mitigation Strategy in Uttarakhand  
  Prachi Vasistha and Rajiv Ganguly   Evaluation of Designated Best Use of Draupadi Taal Lake Panchkula, Haryana  
  R. K. Panda et al   Multi-Prong Agricultural Water Management Strategies through Water Resources Assessment - Study from a Coastal District of Odisha (India)  
  R. R. Sethi et al   Prioritized Irrigation Options for Baitarini River Basin of India  
  Arora M et al   Melt Water Characteristics of Gangotri Glacier, Headwater of Ganga River  
  Jasna et al   Comprehensive Assessment of Household Potable Water Security in Lowland Urban areas - A Case Study of Kozhikode, Kerala  
  Fujimoto et al   Restoration Channel and Waterfront Community by Effective Utilization of Local Biomass and Bio-waste Resources under the Concept of "The Most Beautiful Village in Japan": A Case Study of Tan Phu Thanh Village, Hau Giang Province in Mekong Delta, Vietnam  
  Saran D et al   Parshall Flumes: A Review  
  Krishan G et al   Stable Isotopes and Inland Salinity-Evidences for Mixing and Exchange  
  Dhamsaniya R et al   Shoreline Change Analysis for Gulf of Kutch using ArcGIS  
  Suzuki and Fujimoto   A Case Analysis of Historical Approach to First Hydro Power Project with Long-Distance Power Transmission in Japan, from British-Japanese Hydroelectric Co., Ltd. to Ikawa Dam Construction  
  Kumar M   Implication and Risk due to Imposed Downstream Boundary Condition in Flood Forecasting Modelling in sub-Critical Flow Regime in Flat Terrain of Ganga, Bihar  
  Nikhil M et al   Short to Medium Term Morphological Prediction of River Erosion and Planform Change: Advance Knowledge for Decision Support System in River Monitoring and Erosion Management  
  Patra et al   Impact of Non-Stationarity on Flood Frequency Estimates for a Himalayan Sub-basin  
  Nikhil Teja et al   Application of Ensemble Techniques for Flood Forecasting in India  
  Zafar   Socio-Economic Development of Local Community through SHP Development: A Case Study of Oohito 50 kW SHP in Hinokage Town, Miyazaki Prefecture (Japan)  
  Das Subhadarsini   Assessment of GCM and Scenario Uncertainty to Project Streamflow Under Climate Change  
  Barman S   Future Flow Scenario of Subansiri River and its Impact on Power Potential of Subansiri Lower Hydro Electric Project  
  Godara N   Choosing an Appropriate Hydrologic Model  
  Sanoko ITO et al   Problem Solving for Stable Water Intake on Community-managed Water Supply System in Ojiro Village, Umegashima District, Headwaters Area of Abe River, Shizuoka (Japan)  
  Saxena et al   Uncertainty Analysis of High-Resolution Open-Source Dems for Modelling Soil Erosion  
  Gurusamy B T et al   GIS based Assessment of Water Resources and Climate Change Impacts across Bundelkhand Region of India  
  Sharma H et al   Parameter Optimization of Tapered Submerged Vane  
  Kumar and Chalisgaonkar   Inflatable Weirs: A Viable Alternative for Bandhra / Barrage Structures  
  Mani et al   Water Management for Industrial use in Arid Region of Nagaur District in Rajasthan, India  
  Bisht et al   A Novel Technique of Rainfall Bias Correction using Monthly Hybrid Approach  
  Khatun A   Effect of Catchment Wetness on Flood Generation of a Medium-Sized Catchment with Tropical Pluvial Regime  
  Mohite A   Development of Flood Forecasting System for Middle Mahanadi Basin  
  Katineni R et al   Analysis and Design of an Intermittent Water Distribution Network  
  Thakur A et al   Future Precipitation Changes over the Wainganga Sub-Basin using NEX-GDDP High Resolution Statistically Downscaled Data  
  Arunava P et al   Artificial Ground Water Recharge Planning Using Geospatial Techniques in Hamirpur Himachal Pradesh, India  
  Patil et al   Water Quality of Inland Water Bodies of Mumbai using Hyperspectral Remote Sensing Hyperion EO1  
  Ranade   Climatic Changes in Basin-scale Monsoon Rainfall in Relation to 3-D Global Atmospheric Thermal Changes  
  Avadoba A et al   Impact Assessment of Narmada Canal Irrigation System for Crop Cultivation using Multispectral Remote Sensing  
  Sood M   A Numerical Study to Analyze the Lateral Distance between Hydrokinetic Turbines in a Canal: A Case Study  
  Singh R K   Investigation on Spatio-temporal Changes in River Morphology of Lower Damodar between Durgapur barrage to Bardhhaman town over a time Period of 1990- 2015  
  Geetha Selvarani A   Application of Unnatural Recharge in Groundwater Quality  
  Singh and Pandey   Flood Mapping using Multi-Temporal Open Access Synthetic Aperture Radar Data in Google Earth Engine  
  Sharma A   A Field Based Study to Emphasize the Need of Water and Energy Conservation by Harnessing Solar Powered Micro Irrigation Potential  
  Waikhom Rahul Singh   Investigation of Precipitation Extremes in Dudhnoi River Basin, India  
  Barbetta et al   Addressing Effective Real-Time Flood Forecasting through Predictive Uncertainty Estimate in Indian Rivers  
  Shiren Harchandani   The Climate Change Impact on Water Resources over Western Ghat by Statistical Modeling  
  Manoj Prabhakar Kaiwart   Rainfall Trend Analysis for The Mahanadi Main Canal Command, Chhattisgarh, India  
  Sachin Behre   Analysis of Extreme Hydrological Event using Gravity Recovery and Climate Experiment (GRACE)  
  Bratati et al   Ranking of the Different Gridded Datasets for Satluj Basin using Compromise Programming and F-TOPSIS  
  Satheesh B   SWAT Based Rainfall - Runoff Modeling of Upper Godavari Basin, India  
  Deepthi B   Ranking of CMIP5 Climate Models for Statistical Downscaling for Upper Godavari River Basin  
  Bhagat A D   Comparison of Onset and Withdrawal of Monsoon using TSMOM (Triggering Soil Moisture for Onset of Monsoon) and Conventional Method  
  Gurrapu et al   Assessment of Historic versus Prehistoric Hydrological Drought Characteristics  
  J_Singh et al   Spacing of Adjacent Bridges based on Local Bridge Scour and Stress Distribution in Surrounding Soil - A Case Study of New Kosi Railway Bridge between Katareah & Kursela Stations on Barauni Katihar Section (E.C. Rly), Bihar, India  
  Guru et al   Assessment of SuDS in an Urban Drainage System of Gurugram City using SWMM  
  Goriya et al   Interaction of Uranium Contaminated Groundwater with Alluvial Soils of Punjab  
  Sunil A et al   Determination of Equity and Reliability in Water Allocation using Delivery Performance Indicators and Validation using Remote Sensing-Based NDVI Parameter: A Case Study of Mula Command Area in Ahmednagar District  
  Kumar N et al   Application of Artificial Neural Networks for Estimating Reference Evapotranspiration in Western Himalayan Region  
  Medha   A Study on Energy use in the Water Supply and Treatment in Dehradun, India  
  Nayak et al   Hydrological Impact Assessment due to Climate Change on Mahanadi Basin in India  
  Kumar and Prasad   Modelling Root Water Extraction under Water and Osmotic Stress Conditions  
  Kumar et al   Challenges and Recent Developments in Flood Forecasting in India  
  Ganguly and Arya   Resilience, Reliability and Vulnerability Analysis of a Multipurpose Reservoir under Projected Climate  
  Sharma et al   Characterisation of Sediments and their role in Solute Acquisition in Meltwater of River Bhagirathi, India  
  Dau Adeloye   Understanding Effects of Climate and Socio-Economic Changes on Water Allocation Adaptation needs in an Indian Himalayan Basin  
  RAO   River Bank Filtration (RBF) Flow Processes Assessment using Particle Tracking Technique nearby Varaha River, Andhra Pradesh, India  
  Murat and Adeloye   The Effect of Ignored Evaporation and Sedimentation Secondary Processes during Reservoir Planning Analysis on Eventual Operational Performance  
  Thomas et al   Development of a Drought Management Plan for Bearma Basin in Bundelkhand Region of Central India  
  Mishra et al   Model Based Leak Detection in Pipe Networks using Optimization Techniques  
  Mani et al   Dam Break Flood Hazard Assessment: A Case Study for a Small Dam at Source Stream of River Ganga in Uttarakhand, India  
  Shukla et al   Spatio-temporal Variability of Water Yield and Water Quality in Upper Ganga Basin  
  Sandilya Sneha   Implication of Data Assimilation on Real Time Flood Forecasting: A Case of Bagmati River Basin (India & Nepal)  
  Chauhan et al   Impact of Land Use and Climate Change on Surface Runoff using GIS and SWAT Model: A Case Study  
  Thakur et al   Integrated Hydrological Study of August 2018 Kerala Floods using Remote Sensing and Hydrological Modelling  
  Ankush et al   Experimental Investigation for Determining the Influence of Salt and Acid Concentrations on the Hydraulic Conductivity of Soil  
  Kumar R Senthil et al   Hydrological Modelling of Bhagirathi Basin up to Tehri Dam using SWAT  
  Shashi et al   Groundwater Flow Modelling in Lower Bina Basin using Visual MODFLOW  
  Lohani and Singh   Water Resources Assessment and Climate Change  
  Bartosova et al   Large Scale Modeling under Changing Climate and Socio Economics  
  Bhatnagar K   Space Technology in Assessment of Loss in Live Storage Capacity of Reservoir  
  Singh S   Evaluation of Groundwater Quality using Water Quality Index (WQI) in Bahraich District, Uttar Pradesh (India)  
  Sivarajan and Gupta   Hydraulic Transient Studies for Restoration of Downstream Surge Gallery of Punatsangchhu-II Hydroelectric Project (1020 Mw), Bhutan  
  Madhok A K   Enhancing Water Use Efficiency  
  Galkate R et al   Comparison of Performance Indicators for the Evaluation of Irrigation Scheme in Madhya Pradesh