IIT Roorkee always had sustainable initiatives at the core of all activities, despite the relatively small campus covering only 365 acres with over 8000 students, 450+ faculty and 1000+ staff at various levels. IIT Roorkee campus has significant greenery covering all parts of the campus, something that is appreciated by all visitors on campus.


  Faculty and students led initiatives to save significant electricity by conducting an energy audit and developed policy for reducing electricity consumption and energy conservation. Using Solar PV for electricity generation as well as Solar Thermal for cooking and water heating covering entire campus is an iconic initiative undertaken by the faculty and students for maximum utilization of energy at the Institute. All the systems have sensors installed to check optimal performance of installations and generate data for further research in these areas.


  The institute as a policy decided that, henceforth all new building proposals shall be vetted by the Institute Green Committee before their final approval. The Green Committee must look into the various environmental and energy aspects for a green technology and environment.


  More Green Initiatives are being planned for wastewater treatment as well as recycling and rainwater harvesting in a decentralized manner. Out of the total solid waste generated in the campus separating organic and inorganic waste is being planned and reviewing the available technology that can co-generate biomass energy from our organic waste.


  National Social Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers of the institute, primarily the under graduate and post graduate students are also going to propagate these ideas amongst the neighborhood villages.