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IIT Council's Green/Sustainable Agenda for Educational Institutions
      (Ref- MHRD letter, DO No. 1-11/2013TS-1(Sectt.) dated 05-06-2013)


  •    -IITs being the premier institutions, have to play a lead role in implementing the Green / Sustainability Agenda in
        the country by adopting and implementing programmes to reduce their Carbon footprint, recycle the resources,
        adopt energy efficient measures and include sustainability issues in the teaching programme.
  •    -The Council of IITs decided that each IIT would establish a Green Office, which would carry out a Green Audit of
         its curriculum and its institutional management practices, such as energy, water, waste, construction projects,
         natural resource (forest, water etc.) and conservation of bio-diversity.
  •    -It was suggested to implement the greening agenda in a phased manner, but to be initiated at the earliest.
        The Green office could be located in the Institute’s existing department/Centre concerned with sustainable
        development/climate engineering so that technical resource support is available.
  •    -It could set up a working-group drawn from active faculty/students interested and working on this agenda to
        create a participatory, transparent process with ownership. It should also involve different department
        representatives to reflect it’s inter-disciplinary and inter dependent concerns. It should also involve external
        experts from different agencies/ offices/ other organisations engaged meaningfully and constructively with
        concerns for a green environment.
  •    Key responsibilities of Green Office:
  •       -Develop green policy (vision document) and framework for the institute.
  •       -Facilitate and undertake Greening initiatives.
  •    Phase 1 : Develop a baseline scenario for the institute (data and info on CO2 emissions, water use, waste
                        generation, carbon footprint, paper use, etc.)
  •    Phase 2 : Development of green technology packages (installation of SPV, wind mill, waste to energy, rain water
                        harvesting, paper recycling, etc).
  •    Phase 3 : Implementation of Green Action Plan in phased manner.
  •    Phase 4 : Monitoring, Reporting, Verification and Evaluation.
  •    Phase 5 : Mainstreaming Green Agenda in Education and Teaching.