More Green Initiatives in IIT Roorkee


  •    -The institute as a policy decided that, henceforth all new building proposals shall be vetted by the Institute Green
         Committee before their final approval.
  •    -The Green Committee to look into the various environmental and energy aspects for a green technology and
  •    -More green initiatives planned for wastewater treatment as well as recycling and rainwater harvesting in a
        decentralized manner.
  •    -Out of the total solid waste generated in the campus separating organic and inorganic waste is
        planned and reviewing the available technology that can co-generate biomass energy from our organic waste.
  •    -National Social Service Scheme (NSS) volunteers of the institute, primarily the under graduate and post
        graduate students are also going to propagate these ideas amongst the neighborhood villages.
  • More Initiatives in immediate planning

  •    -Paper recycling in the campus
  •    -Waste water management and use of grey water.