Solarification of Campus

Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Roof Top

Cumulative Capacity 1.819 MWp
Roof Area Covered 22,000 sq m
(27 buildings of all departments and units)
Technology Used Polycrystalline
Cost of the system Rs. 14.14 crore
First 5 year O&M cost Rs. 13.75 lacs
O&M cost 6 to 25th year Rs. 3.49 to 15.55 lacs per year
Unit Generation cost Rs. 8.5 (without subsidy)
Rs. 0.85 (with subsidy)
Electricity Generation 30.8 lac units annual
  •    -Global best German make string inverters.
  •    -Environment monitoring system for recording parameters
        like Solar Radiation, Temperature and Wind speed.
  •    -SCADA system with real-time LCD display of generation
        at all 27 sites.
  • Performance Guarantee
  •    -Generation shortfall beyond 10% of guaranteed is
        liquidated damage equivalent to twice of prevailing tariff.
CO2 Reduction 2464 ton p.a.
Contractor including O&M Tata Power Solar
Current Status Order placed in Aug, 2013 and commissioned in March, 2014
Completed on March, 2014


Solar Steam Cooking

Cumulative Collector Area 976 sq. m
(using 61 collectors)
No. of buildings 9 hostel mess
Technology Used Dish type parabolic solar concentrator
Cost of the System Rs. 2.14 crore including steam cooking vessels
First 5 year O&M cost Rs. 45,95,528
LPG savings Approx 5,000 cylinders
(14.2 kg) per year
CO2 Reduction 234 ton per year
  •    -Rice, Dal, Vegetables for about 5500 students.
  •    -Steam at 10 bar pressure.
  •    -Single axis automatic sun tracking parabolic dishes
        of 16 sq. m. area.
  •    -Automatic switching system to LPG based backup
        on cloudy days.
  •    -SCADA system for real time monitoring and data acquisition.
  •    -LCD display showing all parameters.
EPC Contractor Taylormade Solutions
Current Status Order placed in Oct, 2013
Scheduled completion Nov, 2014


Solar Water Heating Systems

Cumulative Capacity 340,000 litres per day
Cumulative collector area 6,794 sq. m
No. of buildings 12 hostels,
2 guest houses,
12 residential areas covering all staff
Technology Evacuated Tube Collector
CO2 Reduction 4297 ton per annum
  •    -Storage tank thickness more than standard for extended life.
  •    -No electrical backup, purely solar based.
  •    -Flow-meters and Temperature sensors with SCADA
        and LCD display.
  •    -Separate Storage tank for each group of bathrooms to
        allow proportionate draining of water.
  • Performance Guarantee
  •    -Shortfall of beyond 10% of guaranteed temperature of
        60o Celsius shall be liquidated damages.
Electricity Savings 53.71 lac units per annum
Current status Order places on Tata Solar
Power March, 2014
Scheduled completion Nov, 2014


The initiatives undertaken post energy audit in 2010 for Energy Efficiency.

  • - Replacing efficient tube lights and electronic ballast.
  • - Changing Resistance type fan regulator with electronic type.
  • - Setting the temperature of AC at 25 - 26oC as per institute orders.
  • - Changing the hot plate in pantry of different offices with gas based stoves.
  • - To streets (of maximum density of the students users) have been installed with LED based lamps on experimental basis.

Electric transport system within campus.

  • - Over 15 e-rickshaw (private owned) operating within Campus and to City/Bus Stand/Railway Station.

Use of green materials for construction

  • - Use of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC)-a green building material.
  • - Porous, non-toxic, reusable, renewable and recyclable.
  • - Uses fly ash, cement, lime, water and aerating agent.
  • - Low Thermal Conductivity.
  • - Superior sound absorption qualities.
  • - Reduced Heating /AC Load about 30%

Electricity saved Oct 2011-Sep 2012

Operation hours per day
Operation days
Electricity saved per unit
Total number of units saved
By replacing efficient tube lights and electronic ballast
By changing Resistance type fan regulator with electronic type
By setting the temperature of AC at 25 - 26oC as per institute orders
By changing the hot plate in pantry of different offices with gas cylinder
Annual saving of Electricity (kWh)