Department Safety Committee Chairperson

Photo Department E-mail Name Phone
Hydro & Renewable energy Prof. R P Saini +91-1332-285841
Centre of Nanotechnology Prof. Yogesh Kumar Sharma +91-1332-284861
Continuing Education Centre (CEC), QIP, ETC Prof. V C Srivastava +91-1332-285889
Department of Architecture and Planning Prof.Arindam Biswas +91-1332-284785
Department of Biotechnology Prof. Naveen Kumar Navani +91-1332-285677
Department of Chemical Engineering Prof. Shishir Sinha +91-1332-285648
Department of Chemistry Prof. Anuj Sharma +91-1332-284751
Department of Civil Engineering Prof. Umesh K Sharma +91-1332-285877
Department of Computer Science & Engineering Prof. S. Gangopadhyay +91-1332-285582
Department of Earth Sciences Prof. Lopmudra Saha (Ms.) +91-1332-285343
Department of Earthquake Engineering Prof. BK Maheshwari +91-1332-285450
Department of Electrical Engineering Prof. Manoj Tripathi +91-1332-285431
Department of Electronics & Communication Engineering Prof. BK Kaushik +91-1332-285662
Department of Humanities & Social Sciences Prof. Binod Mishra +91-1332-285895
Department of Hydrology Prof. Himanshu Joshi +91-1332-285390
Department of Management Studies Prof. AK Sharma +91-1332-285632
Department of Mathematics Prof. Roshan Lal +91-1332-285151
Department of Mechanical & Industrial Engineering Prof. K Murugesan +91-1332-285635
Department of Paper Technology Prof. Sanjay Palsule +91-1332-2714326
Department of Physics Prof. Davinder Kaur 9760031912
Department of Water Resources Development and Management Prof. ML Kansal +91-1332-285749
Department of Metallurgical & Material Engineering Prof. Shravan Kumar +91-1332-285723
Institute Instrumentation Centre Prof. Ramesh Chandra +91-1332-285743