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Naveen Kumar Navani
Naveen Kumar Navani Associate Professor navnifbs[at] +91 1332 285677
Areas of Interest
  • Molecular Biology, Synthetic Biology, Gene regulation, Microbial Biotechnology and Nanobiotechnology, Aptamers and MEMS nanodevices in Diagnostics, Probiotic recombinant enzymes, NanoBiotic Materials
  • Microbes' mediated bioremediation of polluted environments., Isolation and characterization of microbes from extreme and polluted environments.
Professional Background
19962003ScientistNational Bureau of Animal Genetic Resources (ICAR)
Honors and Awards
Young Innovator AwardUttarakhand Council for Science and Technology2010
Educational Details
Post-Doctoral ResearchFunctional Nucleic acids/Molecular BiologyMcMaster University, Hamilton, Canada2007
Ph.D.Biotechnology/Molecular BiologyInstitute of Microbial Technology (CSIR), Chandigarh2002
M.Sc.BiotechnologyNational Dairy Research Institute,Karnal
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Detection and Mitigation of Dairy Pathogens and Detection of Adulterants using Chemical BiologyIndian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), NAIP2009
Development of an Aptamer Biosensing system for Detection of water-borne Pathogen E.coli O157:H7DBT, Govt of India2012
Research Scholar Groups
Scholar NameInterest
Tarun Kumar SharmaIn Vitro Evolution and Aptamer Generation
Santosh Kumar SrivastavaAntisense RNA expression in prokaryotes
Rekha SharmaProbiotics
Paramesh LambadiAptasensors for small molecules and pathogens
Tamoghna GhoshMetabolic engineering, combinatorial gene engineering
Mandeep KalotiSynthesis of composite magnetic nanomaterials and their biotechnological applications
Rajat DhyaniWhole Cell Biosensors and Chemical Genetics
Pardeep SoniNanoSensors and Bioremediation
Anupama SemwalProbiotics and Value addition to Millets
Books Authored

Edited Book series on Nanotechnology (1-10 Volumes).   (2013); Studium press LLC, USA.

  1. Vol.1: Fundamentals and Applications – Naveen Kumar Navani, Shishir Sinha and JN Govi
  2. Vol.2: Synthesis and Characterization- Shishir Sinha , Naveen Kumar Navani and JN Govil
  3. Vol.3: Properties of Nanomaterials - Shishir Sinha , Naveen Kumar Navani and JN Govil
  4. Vol.4: Nanomaterials and Nanostructures- Naveen Kumar Navani, Shishir Sinha and JN Govil
  5. Vol.5: Defence Applications Nanotechnology - Naveen Kumar Navani, Shishir Sinha and JN Govil
  6. Vol.6: Nanotechnology;Energy and Environment- Shishir Sinha , Naveen Kumar Navani and JN Govil
  7. Vol.7: Nanotechnology;Diagnostics and Therapeutics -- Naveen Kumar Navani, Shishir Sinha and JN Govil
  8. Vol.8: Nanotechnology;Electronics and Photovoltaics- Shishir Sinha , Naveen Kumar Navani and JN Govil
  9. Vol.9: Nanotechnology;Civil/ Construction Engineering- Shishir Sinha , Naveen Kumar Navani and JN Govil
  10. Vol.10: Nanosensing-- Naveen Kumar Navani, Shishir Sinha and JN Govil


Book Chapters contributed -

  • Naveen Kumar Navani, Casey Fowler and Yingfu Li (2009) Aptamers for the biosensing of Pathogens. Book Chapter  in Biosensors, Microsystems and the Recognition elements Edited by M. Zourob and APF Turner-Cambridge University, UK.
  • Naveen Kumar Navani, Wendy Mok and Yingfu Li (2009) Aptamer Ligands as sensors for proteins and small molecules. Methods in Biotechnology,”  Humana Press, USA.
  • B. Prakash, N.K. Navani and P.K. Jain (2000) Cytogenetic, blood groups and biochemical polymorphism and molecular genetic characterization of Indian farm animal genetic resources. in “Systems approach to animal farming” eds. R. Nagarcenkar & R.R. Lokeshwar.
  • Naveen Kumar Navani, Pradeep Jain and Rajendra Sahai (2001) DNA technology and its role in biodiversity conservation . in “Current Topics in Environment Biology” Eds. G.Tripathi & G.C. Pandey, pp. 501-514, ABD Publishers(India).
  • Naveen Kumar Navani, Rekha Sharma, Bharani Kumar, S.P.S. Ahlawat and Dinesh Pandey -Exploitation of microbial diversity for bioremediation using genetic tools – book chapter in Biotechnology in Environmental Management - edited by T.K. Ghosh, T. Chakrabarti and G. Tripathi. New Delhi, A.P.H. Pub., 2005, 2 Vols., xxxiv, 715 p


Refereed Journal Papers
  • Sharma R, Kumar P, Kaushal V, Das R, Navani NK (2018) A novel protein tyrosine phosphatase like phytase from Lactobacillus fermentum NKN51: Cloning, characterization and application in mineral release for food technology applications, Bioresource Technology, Volume 249, 1000-1008, ISSN 0960-8524, (IF -5.6)
  • Srivastava SK, Iyer VR, Ghosh T, Lambadi PR, Pathania R, Navani NK. (2016) Isolation of a non-genomic origin fluoroquinolone responsive regulatory element using a combinatorial bioengineering approach. Nucleic Acids Research. 2016 Feb 2. pii: gkw029. [Epub ahead of print] .(IF- 10.1)
  • Kaloti M, Kumar A, Navani Naveen K (2015) Synthesis of glucose-mediated Ag–γ-Fe2O3 multifunctional nanocomposites in aqueous medium – a kinetic analysis of their catalytic activity for 4-nitrophenol reduction. Green Chemistry,17, 4786-99 (IF- 8.2)
  • Gupta M, Mathur S, Sharma TK, Rana M, Gairola A, Navani NK, Pathania R. (2015) A study on metabolic prowess of Pseudomonas sp. RPT 52 to degrade imidacloprid, endosulfan and coragen. J Hazard Mater. ;301:250-8. (IF- 5.2)
  • Kumar P, Lambadi PR, Navani NK (2015) Non-enzymatic detection of urea using unmodified gold nanoparticles based aptasensor. Biosens Bioelectron. 72:340-7. (IF- 6.2)
  • Lambadi PR, Sharma TK, Kumar P, Vasnani P, Mouli ST, Bisht N, Pathania R and Naveen Kumar Navani (2014) Facile bio-functionalization of silver nanoparticles for enhanced antibacterial properties, endotoxin removal and biofilm control. International Journal of Nanomedicine. (IF- 4.2)
  • Sanotsh K Srivastava, Lambadi P, Ghosh T, Pathania R, Naveen K Navani (2014) Genetic regulation of spy gene expression in Escherichia coli in the presence of protein unfolding agent ethanol. Gene; Accepted May 21, 2014 (Gene 39794, No. of pages 7, 3C).
  • P.Devi,  SD Patil, P Jeevandham, , Naveen K Navani., ML Singla (2014) Synthesis, characterization and bactericidal activity of silica/silver core-shell nanoparticles. J material Sci: Material Medical. DOI 10.1007/ss10856-014-5265-9. Publichesd online – 11 Feb, 2014.
  • IN Ghosh, SD Patil, TK Sharma, SK Srivastava, R Pathania,  Naveen K Navani (2013) Synergistic action of cinnamaldehyde with silver nanoparticles against spore-forming bacteria: a case for judicious use of silver nanoparticles for antibacterial applications. International Journal of  Nanomedicine. 2013;8:4721-31. doi: 10.2147/IJN.S49649. Epub 2013 Dec 10.
  • SDPatil, R Sharma, S Srivastava, Naveen K Navani, R Pathania (2013) Downregulation of yidC in Escherichia coli by antisense RNA expression results in sensitization to antibacterial essential oils Eugenol and Carvacrol. PLoS ONE 8(3). doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0057370.t001.
  • Tarun K. Sharma, Aradhna Chopra, Mahak Sapra, Dinesh Kumawat, Supriya Deepak Patil, Ranjana pathania, Naveen K. Navani (2012). Green Synthesis and antimicrobial potential of silver nanoparticles. International Journal of Green Nanotechnology 4:1–16.
  • Tarun .K. Sharma, Mahak Sapra, Aradhna Chopra, Rekha Sharma, Supriya Deepak Patil, Ravinder Kumar Malik Ranjana pathania, Naveen K. Navani (2012). Interaction of Bacteriocin Capped Silver Nanoparticles with Food Pathogens and their Antibacterial Effect. accepted in International Journal of Green Nanotechnology.
  • V. Rajesh  Iyer, Rajnikant Sharma, Ranjna Pathania, and Naveen K. Navani (2012) SmallRNAs of pathogenic bacteria: Not small enough to be overlooked for therapeutics. Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology; 4:17-30
  • Mok, W.W., Navani, N.K., Barker, C., Sawchyn, B.L., Gu, J., Pathania, R., Zhu, R.D., Brown, E.D., Li, Y. (2009) Identification of a toxic peptide through bidirectional expression of small RNAs. Chembiochem. 10(2):238-41.
  • Naveen Kumar Navani, W.K. Mok and Yingfu Li (2008) Aptamer Ligands as sensors for proteins and small molecules. Methods in Biotechnology, Humana Press, USA.
  • Allali-Hassani A, Pereira MP, Navani NK, Brown ED, Li Y (2007) Isolation of DNA aptamers for CDP-ribitol synthase, and characterization of their inhibitory and structural properties.  Chembiochem. 8(17):2052-2057.
  • Craney A, Hohenauer T, Xu Y, Navani NK, Li Y, Nodwell J.(2007) A synthetic lux CDABE gene cluster optimized for expression in high-GC bacteria. Nucleic Acids Res.;35(6):e46.
  • Naveen Kumar Navani and Yingfu Li (2006) Nucleic acid aptamers and enzymes as sensors. Current Opinion in Chemical Biology. 10(3):272-281. [262 citations till Dec, 2015]


1) Naveen Kumar Navani, Ranjana Pathania, Tarun K Sharma, Aradhana Chopra, Manish Rana. CRN019 Development of an aptamer-gold nanoparticles based rapid and sensitive detection system for Salmonella enterica serovar typhi. Number 907/DEL/2014.

2)  Ranjana Pathania, Naveen K Navani, Atin Sharma, Rajnikant Sharma, Abin Ghosh. Nucleotide sequences specific for detection of Acinetobacter baumannii.  Number 906/DEL/2014.

3)  Naveen Kumar Navani, Ranjana Pathania, Tarun K Sharma, Mahak Sapra CRN018 A system and method of a colorimetric sensor for urea detection. Number 900/DEL/2014. dated 28.03.2014.

4) Naveen Kumar Navani, Piyush Kalra, Paramesh R Lambadi. CRN020 - A nucleotide sequence based colorimetric nanosensor for detection of urea. Number 901 /DEL/2014. dated 28.03.2014