Research Scholars

Research Scholars


    Research Area:
    Renewable Energy Sources, Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid control, Protection and Stability of Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid.

Saurabh Sharma

Ph.D. Scholar

    Research Area:
    Failure Analysis of Winding Joints in Distribution Transformers

Shashank Gupta

Ph.D Scholar

    Research Area:
    Digital Speech Processing, Image Processing and Embedded Systems.

Raj Kumar

Ph.D Scholar

    Research Area:
    Renewable Energy Sources, AC Microgrid Control and Stability.

Rohit Nandi

Ph.D Scholar

    Research Area:
    Renewable Energy Sources, DC Microgrid control and Stability.

Rohit Rastogi

Ph.D Scholar

    Research Area:
    Intelligent Instrumentation for Smart Grid, Cyber Security.

Mogilicharla Suresh

Ph.D Scholar

    Research Area:
    Power Quality Issues in Smart Microgrid Integrated System

Nevidita Singh

Ph.D Scholar

    Research Area:
    Determination of Fault Location for Compensated and Uncompensated Transmission Lines


Ph.D Scholar

    Research Area:
    Investigation and Mitigation of Partial Shading Effect on Solar Photovoltaic System

Naveen Bhati

Ph.D Scholar

    Research Area:
    Deep Learning Models for Speech Emotion Recognition

Tarun Rathi

Ph.D Scholar

    Research Area:
    Microgrid SCADA

Jetwadee Phanthanachai

Ph.D Scholar

    Research Area:
    Microgrid Protection

Chandan Kishore

Ph.D Scholar

    Research Area:
    Cyber Security of SCADA Based System

Ram Singh

Ph.D Scholar


    Research Area: Microgrid Operation, Power Quality, Power System Protection, FACTS, Electric Drives

Dr. Om Hari Gupta

Assistant Professor, NIT Jamshedpur

    Research Area: Power system Protection, FACTS.

Dr. Ashok Manori

Assistant Professor, WIT Dehradun, UK

    Research Area: Signal Processing, Biomedical Signals, Speech Signals, Vibration Signal Analysis.

Dr. Sachin

Assistant Professor,
NIT Delhi

    Research Area: Power Transformer Protection, Transmission Line Protection.

Dr. Shailendra Bhasker

Assistant Professor,
HBTU, Kanpur

    Research Area: Power System Operation and Planning, Artificial Intelligence Applications in Power System.

Dr. Navneet Singh

Assistant Professor,
MNNIT Allahabad

    Research Area: Speech enhancement, Deep Neural Networks, FPGA implementation, Optimization of activation functions


Assistant Professor
IIT, Dharwad

    Research Area: Research area includes challenges associated with the integration of different Renewable Energy Sources, Microgrid Operation & Control, and Protection Aspects of DC Microgrid.

Dr. Pooja Chauhan

Power Systems & Drives Modelling Engineer
GE Vernova, United Kingdom

    Research Area:
    Integration of Renewable Energy Sources, Microgrid Protection, Power Quality, Power System Stability

Dr. Chetan Srivastava

Power System Service Engineer
GE Vernova, Noida, India


    Name Year Status
    Mr. Vijay Bhaskar Tiwari 2021-22 Completed
    Mr. Ramswarup Rewani 2021-22 Completed
    Mr. Samvirt Ji Kanwar 2021-22 Completed
    Mr. Girraj Rajput 2021-22 Completed
    Mr. Bibhudutta Mohapatra 2020-21 Completed
    Mr. Chunarkar Snehit Bhimrao 2020-21 Completed
    Mr. Raj Kumar 2020-21 Completed
    Mr. Sunil Kumar 2019-20 Completed
    Mr. Abhishek Kumar 2017-18 Completed
    Mr. Akash Kumar Noniya 2017-18 Completed
    Mr. Prince Parmahansa 2016-17 Completed
    Mr. Subhash 2016-17 Completed
    Mr. Nithish Bharadwaj Gannu 2015-16 Completed
    Ms. Astha Chawala 2015-16 Completed
    Ms. Navendu 2015-16 Completed
    Mr. Sanchay Adari 2015-16 Completed
    Mr. Ajit Singh Karnawal 2015-16 Completed
    Mr. Akash Gupta 2015-16 Completed
    Ms. Nidhi Naryan 2015-16 Completed
    Mr. Som Datt 2014-15 Completed
    Mr. Sanjay Ramraj Mehta 2014-15 Completed
    Mr. Santhapuri Prasad 2014-15 Completed
    Mr. Udit Bangar 2014-15 Completed
    Ms. Neha Nirala 2013-14 Completed
    Ms. Nidhi Chauhan 2013-14 Completed
    Ms. Shashi Kumari 2013-14 Completed
    Mr. Vajendra Kumar 2013-14 Completed
    Mr. Khalid Aziz 2013-14 Completed
    Mr. Tarun Rathi 2012-13 Completed
    Mr. Rajeev Chandel 2012-13 Completed
    Mr. Swarna Ashok 2012-13 Completed
    Mr.Vipin Pratap 2012-13 Completed
    Mr. Sibendu Samanta 2011-12 Completed
    Mr. Gavvala Rajasekhar 2011-12 Completed
    Mr. Raut Mayank 2011-12 Completed
    Mr. Mohd. Moid 2011-12 Completed
    Mr. Rahul Kumar 2010-11 Completed
    Mr. Sonu Pratap Pandey 2009-10 Completed
    Mr. Suresh Ala 2008-09 Completed
    Mr. Bhavnesh Kumar 2008-09 Completed
    Mr. V. N. Reddy C 2007-08 Completed