Facilities at SAC

Facilities at SAC

Calibration Equipment

  • Energy Calibration

    The Fluke 6100B and 6105A available at SAC lab provides built-in IEC 61036 and IEC 62053 series current waveforms for static Watthour meter testing and meets accuracy requirements of power quality testing to the IEC 61000-4 series of standards.

  • Pressure Calibration

    PPC4 available at SAC lab is a high performance pressure calibrator for testing pneumatic pressure instruments with a maximum absolute pressure range of 1 kPa (0.15 psi) to 14 MPa (2,000 psi) and gauge pressure equivalent, including very low differential pressures.

  • Temperature Calibration

    SAC lab offers temperature calibration using HR 6330 bath with high temperature range of 300°C and 1502A temperature with accuracy up to ±0.006 °C and resolution of 0.001°C across its entire range.

Testing Equipment

  • Electrical Cable testing

  • Relay, MCV, fuse testing

  • Energy meter, voltmeter, ammeter testing

  • Temperature and pressure testing

  • LT and HT Panel Testing

  • Transformer Condition monitoring

  • Bus bar testing

  • Earth Resistance of Substation/Power Station Testing