Workshop Special Session (September 9, 2017)

Developing Deep Learning-based Computer Vision Applications Using MATLAB

Speakers: Dr. Amod Anandkumar and Alka Nair, Mathworks, India

Deep Learning for computer vision is an enabling technology that is driving the development of several of the smart systems today including self-driving cars, augmented reality, hyperspectral imaging, and medical imaging. Developers of modern computer vision applications face many challenges regarding handling large data sets, working with new computing paradigms, such as GPU computing and deploying vision algorithms to embedded platforms. You can use MATLAB to address these challenges and simplify your computer vision and deep learning application development workflow.

Join this session to understand how you can use MATLAB for:

  • Handling Large Sets of Images
  • Training and Visualizing Deep Learning Networks
  • Working with Pre-Trained Models
  • Accelerating Deep Learning Training using NVIDIA GPUs and Scaling up the Training to Cloud and Clusters
  • Automatically Generating Portable CUDA Code from MATLAB Algorithms for Embedded Deployment

  Speakers (Mathworks)

Dr. Amod Anandkumar, Mathworks, India

Brief Bio

Ms. Alka Nair, Mathworks, India

Brief Bio

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