Accepted Papers

[2] Moving Target Detection under Turbulence Degraded Visible and Infrared Image Sequences [ORAL]

[3] Effective Denoising with Non-local Means Filter for Reliable Unwrapping of Digital Holographic Interferometric fringes [ORAL]

[5] Iris recognition through score-level fusion [ORAL]

[6] A Novel Pattern Matching Approach on the Use of Multi-variant Local Descriptor [POSTER]

[10] GUESS: Genetic Uses in video Encryption with Secret Sharing [ORAL]

[11] Learning Based Fuzzy Fusion of Multiple Classifiers for Object Oriented Classification of High Resolution Images [ORAL]

[13] Image Retrieval using Random Forest based Semantic Similarity Measures and SURF based Visual Words [ORAL]

[15] Rotation Invariant Digit Recognition Using Convolutional Neural Network [ORAL]

[21] Stochastic Assimilation Technique for Cloud Motion Analysis [ORAL]

[22] Image Contrast Enhancement Using Hybrid Elitist Ant System, Elitism-Based Immigrants Genetic Algorithm and Simulated Annealing [ORAL]

[25] A Novel Robust Reversible Watermarking Technique based on Prediction Error Expansion for Medical Images [ORAL]

[29] Integrated Feature Exploration for Handwritten Devanagari Numeral Recognition [POSTER]

[31] Privacy Preserving for Annular Distribution Density Structure Descriptor in CBIR using Bit-plane Randomization Encryption [POSTER]

[33] Near-Duplicate Video Retrieval Based on Spatio Temporal Pattern Tree [ORAL]

[43] Fingerprint Liveness Detection Using Wavelet Based Completed LBP Descriptor [POSTER]

[44] Silhouette-Based Real-Time Object Detection and Tracking [POSTER]

[46] Visual Object Detection for an Autonomous Indoor Robotic System [ORAL]

[48] Engineering the Perception of Recognition through Interactive Raw Primal Sketch by HNFGS and CNN-MRF [ORAL]

[56] An Efficient Algorithm for Medical Image Fusion using Nonsubsampled Shearlet Transform [POSTER]

[58] A Novel Text Localization Scheme for Camera Captured Document Images [POSTER]

[59] Video Inpainting based on Re-Weighted Tensor Decomposition [POSTER]

[61] Deep Convolutional Neural Network for Person Re-Identification: a Comprehensive Review [POSTER]

[62] Flexible Threshold Visual Odometry Algorithm Using Fuzzy Logics [ORAL]

[63] Fast Single Image Learning Based Super Resolution of Medical Images Using a New Analytical Solution for Reconstruction Problem [POSTER]

[66] Analyzing ConvNet Depth for Deep Face Recognition [ORAL]

[67] Use of high speed photography to track and analyze melt pool quality in selective laser sintering [ORAL]

[72] Multi-Scale Directional Mask Pattern for Medical Image Classification and Retrieval [POSTER]

[77] Enhanced Characterness for Text Detection in the Wild [ORAL]

[81] Denoising of Volumetric MR Image using Low Rank Approximation on Tensor SVD framework [ORAL]

[83] V-LESS: a Video from Linear Event Summaries [POSTER]

[85] Action Recognition from Optical Flow Visualizations [ORAL]

[87] Human Activity Recognition by Fusion of RGB, Depth and Skeletal Data [ORAL]

[91] A Novel Method for Logo Detection Based on Curvelet Transform Using GLCM Features [ORAL]

[94] Bayesian Approach for Landslide Identification from High Resolution Satellite Images [ORAL]

[97] Classification of Breast Masses Using Convolutional Neural Network as Feature Extractor and Classifier [ORAL]

[98] D-PNR: Deep license Plate Number Recognition [POSTER]

[103] Performance Analysis of Median Filter Demosaicking Algorithm Using New Extended Bilinear Demosaicking [POSTER]

[105] Person Identification with Pose using One Sample Per Person and Identification of Known Associates [POSTER]

[108] Gabor Filter meanPCA Feature Extraction for Gender Recognition [POSTER]

[110] Object Proposals Based Significance Map for Image Retargeting [ORAL]

[117] Dense Optical Flow Trajectory Based Human Activity Recognition using Hierarchical Hidden Markov Model [ORAL]

[118] Edge-Aware Spatial Filtering Based Motion Magnification [ORAL]

[120] Linear Regression-based Skew Correction of Handwritten Words in Indian Languages [ORAL]

[123] AB Divergence for fine tuning subject wise Person Re-identification Performance [POSTER]

[125] Robust image sharing scheme using one dimensional chaotic logistic map [ORAL]

[130] A Bottom-Up Saliency-Based Segmentation for High-Resolution Satellite Images [POSTER]

[131] A Computer Vision Approach for Lung Cancer Classification using FNAC Based Cytological Images [ORAL]

[132] Printed Gujarati Characters Classification using High-Level Strokes [POSTER]

[134] Fire Detection Using Dense Trajectories [ORAL]

[138] Robust Ellipse Detection via Duality Principle with a False Determination Control [ORAL]

[139] Autonomous staircase navigation system for multi-floor tasks [POSTER]

[143] Investigation on the influence of hip joint loading in peak stress during various activities [ORAL]

[144] A Local Self Similarity Based Vehicle Detection Approach Using Single Query Image [ORAL]

[150] Kannada Character Recognition in Images using Histogram of Oriented Gradients and Machine Learning [POSTER]

[153] Meta-classifier approach with ANN-SVM-Rotation Forest and Random Forest for snow cover mapping [POSTER]

[157] Characterization of Dense Crowd using Gibbs Entropy [ORAL]

[158] Image denoising using fractional quaternion wavelet transform [ORAL]

[160] Extraction of Long-duration Moving Object Trajectories from Curtailed Tracks [ORAL]

[161] Wild Animal Detection using Deep Convolutional Neural Network [POSTER]

[163] Temporal Activity Segmentation for Depth Cameras using Joint-Angle Variance Features [ORAL]

[166] Bird Region Detection in Images with Multi-scale HOG Features and SVM Scoring [POSTER]

[167] Image Encryption Using chaotic 3D-Arnold's Cat map and Logistic map [ORAL]

[172] Word Spotting based on Pyramidal Histogram of Characters Code for Handwritten Text Documents [ORAL]

[174] Video Summarization Using Novel Video Decomposition Algorithm [ORAL]

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