Following three awards were presented at CVIP-WM 2017:

  • IAPR Best Paper Award : "Engineering the Perception of Recognition through Interactive Raw Primal Sketch by HNFGS and CNN-MRF", Apurba Das, and Nitin Ajithkumar
  • IAPR Best Student Paper Award* : "Denoising of Volumetric MR Image using Low Rank Approximation on Tensor SVD framework", Hawazin S Khaleel, Sameera V Mohd Sagheer, Baburaj M, and Sudhish N George
  • Best Poster Award : "Multi-Scale Directional Mask Pattern for Medical Image Classification and Retrieval", Akshay A. Dudhane, and Sanjay N. Talbar
* Presenter of paper must be student and first author.
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