Anushruti Academy for the Deaf (AAD) teaches HI (Hearing Imapaired) children only.
AAD is not equipped in terms of special educators and infrastructure to cater to children with MR (Mental Retarded) disability. Hence a maximum IQ of 70 is required for a child to be admitted to AAD.

Application and Fee Structure

Anushruti Academy for the Deaf (AAD) do not impose any prescribed Fee Structure and provide FREE of COST Education to the Handicapped Deaf Children, whereas Parents may contribute an affordable Financial Assistance as Donation to the Anushruti which may be treated as Tuition Fee.
Rs. 500 as Registration (Non Refundable) at the Time of Admission is Deposited.


The Admission Process at AAD has been specially designed to be transparent and simple. We believe a Face-to-Face Interaction with the Parents/Authorized Guardians and the prospective student is of greater value than any conventional Admission Test. An Interaction gives us a more comprehensive understanding of the child's strength and potential.

It also gives Parents/Authorized Guardians a First-Hand opportunity to obtain an understanding of AAD Core Purpose, Values, Vision, Education Approach, Systems, Processes and People.

Students applying for Grade Pre-Nursery will be required to take short Selection Tests in Psychological and Audiological Evaluation aimed at evaluating Age v/s Knowledge and for other Grade appropriate academic competence like Hindi/English/Science/Maths/GK.

The Process of Application for Admission would be as follows:

  1. 1. School Advertisement / Educational Awareness Programme, briefing about the Philosophy, Approach and Offering.

  2. 2. Application Forms may be obtained at the Office at FREE of COST.

  3. 3. Admission Prospectus contains- Brochure including Application Form, Admission Process, Syllabus etc.

  4. 4. Completed Application Forms to be submitted along with:

    • 4 Photographs

    • Copy of Birth Certificate

    • Last 2 years Academic Records/ Transcripts

    • Extra Curricular Records / Achievement Certificates, if any

    • Transfer Certificate

    • Copy of Income Certificate,

    • Disability Certificate

Interaction between Parents / Authorized Guardians and an Admission Panel.

Selection/ Evaluation of Student.
Pre School and other Classes Admission will be based on recommendations by Selection Panel (Special Educators).
Grades 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 -Selection through Evaluation and Audiological Test for students will be graded according to the EQ/IQ Capability (Age vs Knowledge) of the Student demanding the Admission for the relevant class.
The Results shall be conveyed by Indian Postal Services or phone or by e-mail within 15 working days after the assessment test.
The Candidate seeking Admission after receiving the information of clearing the Assessment Test at tentative class is allotted for a period of at least 15 days. During this Period one is observed deeply about ones class room behavior, attitude towards the class mates, grasping power and understanding the subject matter.
In order to secure a Seat, Parents / Authorized Guardians will be required to deposit the required Registration, Admission Formalities within a week from the Date of Admission information is released. Failure to do so, may result in the seat being offered to another Candidate.

The Admission being Granted, the following forms need to be submitted:

  • Medical/Health Certificate

  • Parents Declaration

  • Student's Information along with Transfer Certificate (TC)

A Provisional Letter of Admission issued for a one academic session. Admission to a particular grade is provisional till the Transfer Certificate and Passing Certificate from the previous school is submitted. The Admission may be terminated without giving any prior information if or when required, If necessary for the benefit of the school and school Children.