(December 20-22, 2018)


All topics related to Earthquake Engineering and Earthquake Disaster Mitigation are invited. Following is a suggestive (not exhaustive) list of themes:

  1. Engineering Seismology and Seismotectonics
  2. Experience Derived from Recent Earthquakes and Tsunamis
  3. Earthquake studies using GIS/GPS/SAR/Remote Sensing
  4. Earthquake Hazard Assessment
  5. Seismic Instrumentation
  6. Strong Ground Motion, Site Characterization and its Effects
  7. Dynamic Properties of Soils and Ground Response
  8. Liquefaction and Seismic Ground Improvement
  9. Seismic Safety of Foundations and Machine Foundations
  10. Seismic Soil Structure Interaction
  11. Slope Stability under Seismic Conditions and Design of Embankments
  12. Earth Pressure and Retaining Walls under Seismic Conditions
  13. Seismic Safety of underground and Buried Structures and Pipelines
  14. Special Materials, Structures and Systems
  15. Earthquake Response Analysis, Design and Construction
  16. Codal Provisions on Earthquake Resistant Design
  17. Seismic Vulnerability, Risk and Resilience Assessment
  18. Structural Response Control
  19. Seismic Testing of Structures and Equipment
  20. Seismic Evaluation and Retrofitting of Structures
  21. Seismic Safety of non-structural Components, Equipment and Services in Buildings.
  22. Seismic Safety of Industrial Structures and Thermal and Nuclear Power Stations.
  23. Seismic Safety of Bridges and Dams.
  24. Seismic Safety of Historical structures and Monuments
  25. Seismic Safety of Offshore and Onshore Structures, including Effects of Tsunami.
  26. Damage Detection and System Identification
  27. Life Line and Urban Systems
  28. Microzonation and Urban Planning
  29. Earthquake Disaster Mitigation and Management
  30. Human Response and Socio-Economic issues
  31. Post-earthquake Rehabilitation
  32. Earthquake Engineering Education
  33. Public Awareness, Participation and Enforcement of Building Safety Laws
  34. Earthquake Prediction and Early warning System