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  • Dsric@iitr.ac.in

Office and Accounts

Photo Name Designation Responsibilities Telephone Mail Id
Mr. Mahesh Kumar Sr.Superintendent(SG) All R & D Accounts,SRIC-FUND & Service Tax/Income Tax +91-1332-284530 --
Mrs. Satto Jr.Superintendent All Consultancy Projects/Accounts +91-1332-284530 --
Mr. D.K.Upadhyay Sr. Assistant Maintaining Server Entry of Accounts/Admn. and other works related to Accounts, Conference & Travel Grant/ERP/ Attached with DEAN SRIC/ Accociate Dean SRIC +91-1332-285245 dku.aad@iitr.ac.in
Mr. Praveen Kumar Sr.Assistant DDF/PDF & FIG Grants ,Students Technical Council,Students Media Body,Endowment Fund,Ranking +91-1332-285088 --
Mr. Surendra Kumar Sr.Attendent Assisting office work at SRIC office +91-1332-285088 --
Mrs. Zamurad Jahan Sr.Attendent Assisting office work at ADCI office +91-1332-285378 --

Project Staff

Photo Name Designation Responsibilities Telephone and Mail id
Mr. CMA Fahad Ghazali Project Officer (Account) Extensive research on various critical aspects of GST Laws and income tax.
Benchmarking against industry preferred practice to identify new ways of helping to reduce GST incidence and capturing permanent cash flow benefits
Research technical issues
Participate in planning, developing and implementing GST strategies to optimize tax incidence
Dealing with technical enquiries relating to GST
Address all queries raised in respect of GST returns submitted and liaise with line clients accordingly.
Assisting in the implementation of recommendations.
Supervision of all accounting and finance work including UCs.

Mr. Deepak Sharma Project Assistant Reconciliation of all Accounts +91-1332-285245
Mr. Sonu Yadav Project Assistant Assisting office work at SRIC office +91-1332-285245
Mr. Rajeev Angrish Project Assistant All R & D Projects /IPR & All Typing work of Research Projects +91-1332-285245
Mr. Ajay Sharma Project Assistant Consultancy Projects/RTI/Legal Issuses /MOU/I- Card issue +91-1332-285245
Mr. Manoj Sharma Project Assistant Pay order,pre-Audit of all bills and cheque Printing +91-1332-285245