To evolve a unique model of design innovation center focusing on development of a culture of human-environment engagement in collaborative partnership with society, industry and other stakeholders to develop state-of-the-artoutcomes.


• Address issues related to the society in the Himalayan Region.

• Use resources available in the Region.


• Develop innovative designs primarily addressing the local issues that need low cost solutions.

• Nurture and advance the culture of design and innovation in the region so as to impact the quality of human life.

• Create a culture of innovation and creative problem solving in the region, particularly in the Institutes of higher learning.

• Impart design-based education and practice systematic design approach through innovative products/projects.
• Create an ecosystem to facilitate students and faculty members to take their innovative ideas from classroom/lab to market/people and vice-versa.

• Provide a platform for the industrial collaborators to encourage new Product Development in the campuses using in­-house facilities.


The MHRD, Government of India has approved establishment of a Design Innovation Center (DIC), named नवोन्मेष at IIT Roorkee with a budget outlay of rupees ten crores . DIC is one of the twenty such centers which are developed under the National Initiative of the Ministry for setting up of DIC, Open Design School and National Design Innovation Network in the country. The center will thrive for developing design and innovation as a culture while primarily addressing the relevant problems of the North-West Himalayan region.


Proposals will be invited to address the issues of the Himalayan region (basically, in and around the state of Uttarakhand). The promising design proposals shall be awarded financial support to yield marketable products or technologies and will then be considered for registration under Intellectual Property Rights and for commercialization.

Himalayan region-specific solutions
• Development of crop harvester for hilly terrain, fruit harvesting device, all-terrain vehicle, light weight yoke, plough with bio-degradable composites etc.
• Development of green furniture using forest waste materials.
• Development of high yield loom.
• Marketing strategy and branding of some of the local agricultural yields.

Design Interventions for Products related to Persons with Disabilities
• Development of Assistive Device for the persons which mobility impairment.
• Development of lnclusive Education Kits for children with sensory impairments.


The center has proposed innovative outreach programs like P2P (Prayogshala to Prayogkshetra), U2U (Udbhavan to Utpadan) and COMAL (COmmon MAn to Laboratory). Under the outreach programmes - it is proposed to take innovations at the laboratory scale to the field/common man. Also, the common man who has some innovative ideas can approach the DIC for seeking mentorship and the follow up stages.


Two new Post graduate academic programs on Masters of (a) Industrial Design (M Des) and (b) Innovation Management (M I M) are proposed under the DIC. 'IIT Roorkee DIC PhD Fellowship' will be awarded for pursuing doctoral research. Further, DIC shall organize Workshops on Design Thinking along with Modular courses on Design and Innovation. Short term internships will be awarded to IIT/non-IIT students.


State-of-the-art laboratory and fabrication facilities will be developed in the center to compliment the facilities in the Institute. This will cater to the needs of the users involved in product development. Work stations will be installed for design creation.

Why Us


Vast experience in world-class technology development.


An unique environment for nurturing innovative ideas.

Practical Training

Exposure to the state-of-the-art facilities and hands-on experience.

Financial Support

Develop prototype and protect your innovation through IPRs.