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Recognizing the rich potential available in the water resources and hydropower in the state of Uttarakhand, the Government of Uttarakhand proposes to introduce a few special subjects at different levels in technical courses in the area of water resources and hydropower. IIT Roorkee has been asked to design and prepare the courses for different levels (Bachelor's Diploma and ITI) so that the technical manpower developed in Uttarakhand is useful for employment in various organizations dealing with water resources and hydropower generation/distribution.

In order to orient the existing programme to be more meaningful/oriented for water resources/hydropower development, introduction of the following is proposed -
bullet Special subjects as electives.
bullet Special courses during vacations.
bullet Training in specific trades .
bullet Apprentice in specific trades.
The subjects that are proposed to be covered amongst others may include the following -
bullet Environment Impact Assessment
bullet Investigations
bullet Planning
bullet Design
bullet Monitoring
bullet Energy Auditing
bullet Energy conservation
bullet Preparation of feasibility reports
bullet Preparation of the tender documents
bullet Re-habilitation works
bullet Forest conservation act.
bullet Testing
bullet Operation
bullet Execution
bullet Maintenance
bullet Fabrication
bullet Project Management
bullet Financial Management

We held different consultative meetings with user groups as well as principals/representatives of state degree engineering colleges/ Polytechnics/ITIs and state govt. officials in April/June 2005. As a result of these consultations it has been agreed that a number of core/ elective courses and special short-term programmes are included in the curriculum of different institutes.

The Syllabus for different Courses are available -
bullet Degree in Engineering
bullet Degree in Science
bullet Degree in Management
bullet Diploma in Engineering
bullet ITI Certificate
Special Training Programmes are -
bullet Under Construction
Click on the Link below to view the proposed new Courses -
bullet Proposed New Courses

Core Subject

Elective Subjects

Engg. Degree Level

Water Resources Development

For All Disciplines

Hydropower Engg

for Civil/agriculture engg. Students

Hydropower Development

for Electrical/ Mechanical/ Instrumentation/ Electronics Engg Students

Automation of Hydropower and water resources structures Plant : Electronics/electrical engg

Engg. Diploma Level

Water Resources Development

For All Disciplines

Hydropower engg

for Civil/agriculture engg Students

Environment science

Hydropower Engg

for Electrical/ Instrumentation/ Electronics Students

Hydropower plants

for Mechanical /Chemical Engineering Students

Management and Science

Management concept and practices

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)


Short duration training programme of six weeks duration are also proposed at diploma and degree engineering level to be conducted during vacation and or after the completion of formal education course.