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Click on the links below to view the Maps  -

bullet Location of Plants & Projects of UJVNL
bullet Map of Hydro Projects Being Developed By Various Government Agencies in Uttarakhand State
bullet Identified SHP in Uttarakhand
bullet Administrative Map of Uttarakhand
bullet Major and Minor River Map - Uttarakhand
bullet River Gauging Stations Map of Uttarakhand (JPEG) (Address)
bullet Geological Map of Uttarakhand State
bullet HEP Site Map of Uttarakhand (JPEG) (Address)
bullet IMD Meteorological Station in Uttarakhand (JPEG)
bullet Forest and Land cover Map of Uttarakhand State
bullet Road Map of Uttarakhand
bullet SHP Site Map Proposed for development through UREDA
bullet Soil Map of Uttarakhand State (JPEG) (Address)
bullet Tourist Map of Uttarakhand
bullet Transmission Network in Uttarakhand (JPEG) (Address) 
bullet Remote Villages being electrified through Renewable Energy in Uttarakhand
bullet Unelectrified Villages in Uttarakhand (Based on Census 2001 Data)
bullet Map showing Tehri Dam Reservoir Submerging Villages, existing and proposed Roads
bullet Map showing all HP and SHP stations and sites