Prof. Nagabhushan

Prof. P. Nagabhushan, Director IIIT-Allahabad, India

Histo and Interval type of Data Space

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Dr. R. Balasubramanian

Dr. R. Balasubramanian, IIT-Roorkee, India

Vision and Imaging

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Dr. R.D. Garg

Dr. R.D. Garg, IIT-Roorkee, India

Digital Satellite Image Processing and Applications in Natural Resource Management

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Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar, IIT-Roorkee, India

Chaos-based techniques for Image Encryption

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Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Dr. Aveek Brahmachari, Senior Staff Engineer, Stryker Global Technology Center, Gurugram, India

Multi-view 3D Reconstruction

Wide Baseline Image Matching

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Dr. Biplab Banerjee

Dr. Biplab Banerjee, IIT-Roorkee, India

Deep Generative Models

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Dr. Navneet Kumar

Dr. Navneet Kumar Gupta, IIT-Roorkee, India

Computing environment for Computer Vision and Image Processing

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Dr. Partha Pratim Roy

Dr. Partha Pratim Roy, IIT-Roorkee, India

Cross-Language Framework for Low-Resource Handwritten Image Analysis

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Dr. Debanjan Sadhya

Dr. Debanjan Sadhya, IIT-Roorkee, India

Biometric recognition systems and their applications

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Dr. Rishu Gupta, Senior Application Engineer, MathWorks, India

Developing Deep Learning-Based Computer Vision Applications Using MATLAB

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Dr. Kanjar De

Dr. Kanjar De, IIT-Roorkee, India

Image Quality Assessment Techniques

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