Presentation Guidelines

Guidelines for Oral Presenters:

Oral Presentation Specifications:

Guidelines for Poster Presenters:

Poster Presentation Specifications:

  • Oral presentations should last between 7-10 minutes.
  • The poster should be A1 size (594 x 841 mm).
  • A 5-minute slot will be dedicated to Q&A after your presentation.
  • Use a vertical layout for your poster.
  • Be mindful of the allocated time for your presentation and the Q&A session.
  • Follow the provided template from the UASG 23 Website.
  • The chair will ring a bell once to inform you to wind up your presentation ASAP.
  • You can use your own template, but Include logos for UKM, IITR and UASG on your poster, as these must be clearly visible.
  • A long bell will signify the end of your presentation.
  • Your poster will be displayed for 1 hour.
  • Respect this signal and conclude your talk promptly.
  • During this time, the chair will assess your poster presentation. Ensure you are present near your poster during this period.
  • Arrive early to test your slides before the commencement of technical sessions.
  • It is your responsibility to bring the poster to the venue.
  • Have a backup ppt in flash drive in case of technical issues.
  • PPT Template
  • Arrive on time to pin up your poster at the designated place. After the session, take your poster back with you.
  • Poster Template

General Tips for Oral/Poster Presenters:

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