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The Department of Higher education under MHRD, Government of India is engaged in bringing world-class opportunities of higher education and research to the country so that Indian students are not found lacking while facing an international platform. For this, the Government has launched joint ventures with World Bank named the Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP). National Project Implementation Unit (NPIU), GoI, is responsible for the implementation of TEQIP operations. The Technical Education Quality Improvement Program (TEQIP) aims to upscale and support on-going efforts of Government of India (GoI) to improve quality of technical education and enhance existing capacities of the institutions to become futuristic.

About us

The TEQIP cell IIT Roorkee was established in 2013 under TEQIP phase I under the supervision of Prof. Pradip Kumar. From then onwards the cell is slowly and steadily moving towards its goal. Recently, in 2019 it got its own office in campus. With the motto of upbringing Technical Education as a key component for improving the quality of Engineering Education in existing institutions with a special consideration for Low Income States (LIS) and Special Category States (SCS) and support to strengthen few affiliated technical universities to improve their policy, academic and management practices the TEQIP team of IIT Roorkee tries its best to contribute in achieving the aspiration of nurturing technical education in India.


The third phase of Technical Education Quality Improvement Programme (TEQIP-III), launched in the year 2017 is fully integrated with the Twelfth Five-year Plan. Phase III of TEQIP goals to include more Government and Government aided AICTE approved Engineering Institutions/Engineering Faculty/Engineering Teaching Department/Constituent Institutions of Universities/Deemed to be Universities and new centrally funded institutions in SCS institutes from all over India under the scheme. It is a Central Sector Scheme (CSS) of MHRD, GoI, providing 100% funds as grants only after verification of some of the Disbursement Linked Indicators (DLIs), to the States, Institutions& ATUs. The technical assistance to AICTE is planned in this phase which includes designing an assessment system to track student learning at different points of the undergraduate program.

An estimated 200 Government and Government funded Engineering institutions including Affiliating Technical Universities (ATUs) will be selected under different sub-components in one or two cycles.


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Faculty Improvement

Short term training programmes on Effective Teaching for faculty of focused state TEQIP institutions are held at regular intervals to update the teachers with the opportunities and challenges for engineers within the developing Indian economy and the available International opportunities and link these to the current learner requirements & employer expectations.

Building Equity in Students

TEQIP IIT Roorkee ensures that the students in the project institutions have equal opportunity to avail the benefits of the project with substantial improvement in the performances of the students with special attention to the needy students. We promote higher education and provide students with unique support that they need to succeed.


The cell provide grant to make collaboration on research and build research community among faculty members of the mentor and mentee institutions to provide a better opportunity to the students for perusing their carrier in research. TEQIP IIT Roorkee strongly supports the idea of promoting quality research among UG and PG students.

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