Faculty development program aims to update the faculties of technical institutions with the recent advancements and strategies to a better futuristic teaching. We arrange five days training sessions for faculties from the institutions under this scheme. Commencement of these sessions takes place during summer and winter and consists of maximum of 30 hours learning. Faculties from our IIT conduct the classes, sometimes along with one visiting expert faculty with immense expertise in the particular field concerned. The program includes both classroom and practical sessions to make topic more understandable. Field studies are also arranged as per necessity. The programs are made in such a way that it keeps the learner engaged and interested. We take care that the programs are well designed and without setbacks thus, we ask for assessments from the teaching faculties as well as from learner faculty.

Eligibility for conducting programs: All the faculties of IIT.

Eligibility for participation: Only the faculties from institutes under TEQIP scheme.
No research scholar or PhD students are eligible

Sessions: Throughout the year

Program duration: 5 days (maximum)

Application dates: Follow the notification board on the website in regular interval.


The hands-on work experience is invaluable and cannot be obtained in a classroom setting, making this one of the most important benefit of internships. Interns have the opportunity to apply acquired knowledge to real work experiences, witnessing the day-to-day job duties they can expect to encounter in their chosen field. In addition to learning the specialized skills of a particular field, transferable skills such as communication, teamwork are also obtained in an internship, fully preparing tutees to enter the workforce upon graduation. TEQIP IIT Roorkee has recently taken an initiation for students of under graduation and post-graduation to apply for internships under IIT faculties. The applications are processed thoroughly and candidates are selected according to their profile. A paid internship opportunity of 4-5 weeks is given to UG and PG students of all TEQIP institutes. Internships are organized during summer and winter session. Students from focused states under TEQIP –III scheme are eligible to apply.

Sessions: Summer and Winter

Type: Paid

Duration: 4 -5 weeks

Eligibility: Pursuing undergraduate or postgraduate degree from any TEQIP institution.

Date of application: Follow the notification board on the website in regular interval.

How to apply: Online


India is one of those countries where a huge amount of people peruse for higher studies but unfortunately least number of students ends up in the field of research and development. A new techno power like India needs more of its young brains to engage in experimentation. This calls for a need to make the pupil lean towards research work early from their undergraduate curriculum itself. Introducing students to the world of innovation asks for interest of the government, and all the personnel of the educational sphere. Under graduation and post-graduation is the best time to make the students reorient their preferences towards R&D rather than doing the same run of the mill jobs. To get out from this orthodox trend of just looking for jobs to earn money we, The TEQIP cell IIT Roorkee promotes and supports undergraduate and postgraduate students of focused state TEQIP institutions to opt for superior quality research project during their UG and PG courses. Starting from Research funding, laboratory setup to proper guidance; we try to get every way straighten up for the young minds to take off.

Information regarding the application procedure and further details will be updated soon.


Collaboration brings a chance of superiority in work. Institutes collaborating for research projects enable the students to get an exposure to teamwork. They get opportunities to learn from each other and absorb their knowledge. Collaboration helps in better research work by complementing each other. Tie ups to experienced institutes like IITs make the students learn much more. TEQIP IIT Roorkee nurtures collaborative research. Not only have that, the cell proffered required adequate funding for such. This opportunity is open to all the institutes registered under TEQIP scheme of government of India. The projects are done by the joint efforts of the faculty of mentee institution and a faculty from mentor institution. The mentor institutions are substantially much experienced in conducting projects and are able to help the mentee institution in solving all the academic and non-academic issues faced. While the mentor institute can learn from the mentee too, helping each other to grow together. This curriculum is eligible for course credits transfer.

Currently running projects: Govind Ballabh Pant Institute of Engineering & Technology, Pouri Garhwal

Applicable for: Master’s thesis and PhD

Eligibility: All the students from institutes registered under TEQIP scheme.

Duration of sponsorship: A period of maximum Two years

Application: Dates for application opening will be updated soon.

Mode of Application: Online.


We are planning to conduct techno-smart courses for students pursuing their Bachelor’s degree from TEQIP mapped institutions. Attending these courses will not only increase their industrial potency but it will also help them to grade up their course credits. All the participants of these courses will get a hardcopy of certificate after successful completion of the course and will be eligible for credit transfer.

Eligibility for participation: Only the students of bachelor’s degree from TEQIP mapped institutions. No research scholar or PhD students are eligible.

Sessions: Throughout the year

Program duration: 5 days (maximum)

Application dates: Follow the notification board on the website in regular interval.


The cell believes an institution’s strength and smooth functioning lies in the hands of its non- academic staffs. With the trend of digitalization all around the world, it is inevitable to get up to date with the current technologies to make processes easy, convenient and less time-consuming. Along with the Technological up-gradation academics, modernisation implies to Official work also. TEQIP IIT Roorkee is planning to arrange 2- 3 days workshops are organized to train the technical, Library and Administrative staffs to boost their all-round ability. The program will emphasize on handling day to day work situation and on the top of that, the participants will be trained and guided for teamwork and ethical behaviour. Workshop will also accentuate on helping them overcome the stress factors at workplace and being able to balance the work-life better.

Eligibility: All the non-academic staffs from IIT as well as the institutes under TEQIP Program.

Duration of course: 2-3 days

Application date: Will be updated soon.

Mode of application: Online


Conferences open an arena of opportunities to the attendees and enable them to meet and learn from different peer of genres. The TEQIP IITR cell takes a great interest in organizing and supporting National as well as International conferences in the project institutions through collaboration with leading role by IIT. Currently we collaborate with the TEQIP institutes who are keen to organize any seminar or symposium and sponsor them for such initiatives.


Technical education is not limited to achieving a graduate degree and the field has a lot of innovation and research opportunity. Graduate Aptitude Test Engineering (GATE) is one such door that enables students to explore this domain of research and development. Qualifying GATE will enable them to pursue higher studies and research works. GATE qualification is valid to get into almost all the institutes all over India and even some institutes in abroad also. There is a shear tendency among students of opting for jobs after their graduation without even realising the sea of opportunities waiting for them ahead if they pitch on higher studies. Many of the students step back because of financial issues but GATE qualification enables them to get a fellowship for continuing further studies in Government institutes. Thereby the TEQIP IIT Roorkee emphasizes on organizing GATE sensitization orientation workshops at participating institutes through best possible faculty, PhD, PG students of IIT Roorkee. They motivate the students of under graduation to reorient them to research and higher studies and clear all the doubts regarding the test. The workshops will be arranged in the mentee institutes so that more students can join us.

Eligibility: All the students of under graduation and post-graduation from institutes under TEQIP Program.

Duration of Workshop: 1 day

Application date: Will be updated soon.

Mode of application: Online