Accepted Papers

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Titles of Accepted Papers with Paper Numbers:

3 Background modeling using temporal-local sample density outlier detection
7 Analysis of Framelets for the Microclassification
10 Reconfigurable Architecture Based Implementation of Non-Uniformity Correction for Long Wave IR Sensors
11 Finger Knuckle Print Recognition Based on Wavelet and Gabor filtering
12 Design of advanced correlation filters for finger knuckle print authentication systems
13 An effective lighting conditions classification method based on histogram analysis for video surveillance
14 A non-linear modified CONVEF-AD based approach for low-dose sinogram restoration
15 System design for tackling Blind Curves
18 A Novel Visual Word Assignment Model for Content Based Image Retrieval
19 Indoor assistance for visually impaired people using a RGB-D camera
23 Online Support Vector Machine Based on Minimum Euclidean Distance
24 A Novel Illumination invariant Face recognition method based on PCA and WPD using YCbCr color space
26 An Efficient Combination of K-SVD and PCA to Denoise and Enhance Digital Mammography Contrast
27 Design and Development of 3D Urban Geographical Information Retrieval Application employing only Open Source Instruments
33 Implementing and Evaluating Collaborative Filtering(CF) Using Clustering
34 A Textural Characterization of Coal SEM Images using Functional Link Artificial Neural Network
35 Template-based Automatic High-speed Relighting of Faces
36 An Improved Contextual Information Based Approach for Anomaly Detection via Adaptive Inference for Surveillance Application
38 A Novel Approach of an (n; n) Multi Secret Image Sharing Scheme using Additive Modulo
39 Scheimpflug camera calibration using lens distortion model
40 Microscopic Image Classication using DCT for the Detection of Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia(ALL)
41 Robust Hash Generation Technique for Image Content Authentication using DWT
43 Robust Parametric Twin Support Vector Machine and its application in Human Activity Recognition
45 Separating Indic scripts with `matra’ — a precursor to script identification in multi-script documents
46 Efficient Multimodal Biometric Feature Fusion using Block-sum and Minutiae Techniques
47 Video Synopsis for IR Imagery Considering Video as a 3D Data Cuboid
49 Performance Analysis of Texture Image Retrieval in Curvelet, Contourlet and Local Ternary pattern using DNN and ELM Classifiers for MRI Brain tumor images
50 ROI Segmentation from Brain MR Images with a Fast Multi-Level Thresholding
53 Surveillance Scene Segmentation Based on Trajectory Classification Using Supervised Learning
54 Classification of Object Trajectories Represented by High-level Features using Unsupervised Learning
55 A Hybrid Method for Image Categorization using Shape Descriptors and Histogram of Oriented Gradients
57 Local Binary Pattern and its Variants for Target Recognition in Infrared Imagery
58 Retinal Vessel Characterization Using Tortuosity Measurement
59 Applicability of Self Organizing Maps in Content Based Image Classification
62 Road Surface Classification Using Texture Synthesis based on Grey-Level Co-occurrence matrix
63 Electroencephalography based Emotion Recognition using Gray Level Co-occurrence Matrix Features
67 Improving Performance of Seam Carving Method using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm
69 Quick Reaction Target Acquisition and Tracking System
70 Low-Complexity Non-Rigid Image Registration Using Feature-Based Diffeomorphic Log-Demons
71 Spotting of Keyword Directly in Run-Length Compressed Documents
73 Design and Implementation of a Real Time Auto Focus Algorithm for Thermal Imagers
75 Parameter free Clustering approach for Event Summarization in Videos
77 Connected Operators for Non-text Object Segmentation in Grayscale Document Images
78 Non-Regularized State Preserving Extreme Learning Machine for Natural Scene Classification
80 A Local Correlation and Directive Contrast based Image Fusion
81 Multi-Exposure Image Fusion Using Propagated Image Filtering
83 Tone Mapping HDR Images Using Local Texture and Brightness Measures
84 Pre and Post Fingerprint Skeleton Enhancement for Minutiae Extraction
86 Content Aware Image Size Reduction using Low Energy Maps for Reduced Distortion
92 Artificial Immune Hybrid Photo Album Classifier
94 Crowd Disaster Avoidance System (CDAS) by Deep Learning Using eXtended Center Symmetric Local Binary Pattern (XCS-LBP) Texture Features
96 A Novel Visualization and Tracking Framework for Analyzing the Inter/Intra Cloud Pattern formation to study their Impact on Climate
98 Cancelable Biometric Template Security using Segment-based Visual Cryptography
99 PCB Defect Classification Using Logical Combination of Segmented Copper and Non-Copper Part
101 Model-Based Video Coding System Based On Visual Saliency at Low Bit Rate
103 Gait Recognition based Human Identification and Gender Classification
110 A Novel Approach to Corner Detection using Random Forests
113 A hybrid method based CT Image denoising using Nonsubsampled Contourlet and curvelet transforms
115 Using Musical Beats to Segment Videos of Bharatanatyam Adavu’s
118 Parallel Implementation of RSA 2D-DCT Steganography and Chaotic 2D-DCT Steganography
119 Thermal Face Recognition using Face Localized Scale Invariant Feature Transform
121 Integrating Geometric and Textural Features for Facial Emotion Classication using SVM Frameworks
122 Fast Non-Blind Image De-blurring With Sparse Priors
124 Fast Real Time Object Tracking Based on Normalized Cross Correlation and Importance of Thresholding Segmentation
125 Fingerprint Image Segmentation using Textural Features
131 Improved Feature Selection for Neighbor Embedding Super-Resolution using Zernike Moments
132 Target Recognition in Infrared Imagery using Convolutional Neural Network
133 An Initial Study on The Binarization of Ancient Stone Images Using Iterative Partitioning Threshold
134 Selected Context Dependent Prediction for Reversible Watermarking with Optimal Embedding
135 Cancelable Biometrics using Hadamard Transform and Friendly Random Projections
136 A semi-automated method for object segmentation in infant’s egocentric video to study object perception
139 A Novel Visual Secret Sharing Scheme using Affine Cipher and Image Interleaving
145 Comprehensive Representation and Efficient Extraction of Spatial Information for Human Activity Recognition from Video Data
146 Robust pose recognition using deep learning
153 A Robust Scheme for Extraction of Text Lines from Handwritten Documents
154 Palmprint Recognition based on Minutiae Quadruplets
156 Human Action Recognition for Depth Cameras via Dynamic Frame Warping
165 Reference Based Image Encoding
166 Face Detection and Recognition in Blurred Videos for Surveillance Applications
167 Support Vector Machine based Extraction of Crime Information in Human Brain using ERP Image
170 View invariant motorcycle detection for helmet wear analysis in intelligent traffic surveillance
172 Morphological Geodesic Active Contour based Automatic Aorta Segmentation in Thoracic CT Images
174 Surveillance Video Synopsis While Preserving Object Motion Structure and Interaction
175 Face Expression Recognition using Histograms of Oriented Gradients with Reduced Features
176 Dicentric Chromosome Image Classification using Fourier Domain based Shape Descriptors and Support Vector Machine
183 An Automated Ear Localization Technique Based on Modified Hausdorff Distance
187 Face Detection and Tracking from Video using Contour based Technique
188 Shadow Detection And Removal By Object-wise Segmentation
191 Sclera Pattern Synthesis Based on Non-parametric Texture Synthesis Technique
194 Virtual 3-D Walkthrough for Intelligent Emergency Response
196 Spontaneous vs. Posed smiles – can we tell the difference?
197 Handling Illumination Variation: A Challenge for Face Recognition
198 Bin Picking Using Manifold Learning
204 Motion Estimation From Image Sequences: A Fractional Order Total Variation Model
206 Leaf Classification using Convexity Measure of Polygons
208 Script identification in natural scene images: A dataset and texture-feature based performance evaluation
210 Posture Recognition in HINE Exercises
211 Multi-Oriented Text Detection from Video using Sub-Pixel Mapping
212 Efficient framework for action recognition using reduced Fisher Vector encoding
213 Detection algorithm for copy-move forgery based on Circle Block
215 FPGA Implementation of GMM algorithm for background subtractions in video sequences
217 Site Suitability Evaluation for Urban Development Using Remote Sensing, GIS & Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP)
218 A Hierarchical Shot Boundary Detection Algorithm using Global and Local Features
220 Analysis of Comparators for Binary Watermarks
223 On Sphering the High Resolution Satellite Image using Fixed Point based ICA Approach
227 A Novel Fuzzy Based Satellite Image Enhancement
231 Differentiating Photographic and PRCG Images: Using Tampering Localization Features
232 A novel chaos based robust watermarking framework
234 Deep Gesture: Static hand gesture recognition using CNN
235 A Redened Codebook Model For Dynamic Backgrounds
239 Reassigned Time Frequency Distribution based Face Recognition
241 Image registration of medical images using ripplet transform
243 3D Local Transform Patterns: A New Feature Descriptor for Image Retrieval
244 Quaternion Circularly Semi-Orthogonal Moments for Invariant Image Recognition
245 Study of One Zone-based Feature for Online Handwritten Signature Recognition and Verification in Devanagari Script
246 Leaf Identication using Shape and Texture Features
247 Depth Super-resolution Survey and Wavelet Based Depth Image Super-Resolution
251 On-line Gesture Based User Authentication System Robust To Shoulder Surfing

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