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Flow cross-section (WxH): 292x292 mm

Length: 420mm

Wind velocity: 1,3…25m/s

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Stereoscopic Particle Image Velocimetry (SPIV): Reconstruct u, v, w velocity field in a plane

Laser: Double-pulse Nd: YAG laser (532 nm, 140mJ, 15 Hz ),

Cameras: TSI Powerview, 4MP-HS CCD, 2048×2048 pixels

Synchronizer: Laser pulse by TSI

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The vacuum chamber can be used for TCC estimation at cryogenic temperatures as well as high temperatures. It has the facility to incorporate multiple instruments using ISO standard ports.

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Flir T1030sc uncooled micro-bolometer camera (-40 to 2000 °C).

High speed cable acquire 1024 x 768 pixels at frame rate of 30/120 Hz.

Zinc-Selenide - 90% transmission capability - infrared range 7-12 µm.

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GM Cryocooler

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Cold head and flexible copper braid attachments

Apparatus and Instrumentation for TCC estimation at cryogenic temperatures.

Pneumatically driven GM cryocooler

Working temperature range: 10 K to 350 K

Cooldown time to 10 K, without load: 60 minutes

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Heater Assembly

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PID Controller

Apparatus and Instrumentation for TCC estimation at high temperatures

Working temperature range (Tungsten core): 100 °C to 1000 °C

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Used for measuring bending of fuel bundle channel under sagging or ballooning

Working temperature range: 100 °C to 1100 °C

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Used for directing laser sheet at flexible locations

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Used for providing accurate movement in experiments that require mapping of the parameters in multiple positions.

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Agilent TriScroll 600 inverter dry scroll pump, minimum pressure: 9.3 x 10-3 mbar

Agilent Turbo-V 750 Twis Torr Turbomolecular pump, minimum pressure: 1 x 10-7mbar

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PID Controlled Chiller

Industrial grade chiller works on VCRS cycle and can provide continuous cooling using cooled DI water. The instrument is able to control the output temperature of coolant.

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Hydraulic Pump

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Cylinder Assembly

Pump load capacity - 10 ton

Maximum operating pressure: 700 bar

Cylinder Stroke length - 25.4 mm

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The FCO560 is a versatile and highly-accurate flow and pressure measurement device. The instrument is able to automatically compensate for temperature and local pressure variations.

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Mitutoyo SJ 410 stylus surface profilometer

Stylus type: Diamond tip

Diameter of stylus tip: 2 µm

Height resolution: 4 nm