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Vibhore Kumar Rastogi
Assistant Professor
Research Interests

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Honours and Awards

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Teaching Engagements

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Research Interests
1. Fiber molding, 2. Agro-waste valorization for various applications, 3. Antimicrobial packaging, 4. Recyclability of paper-plastic materials, 5. Biobased barrier coatings for food application, 7. Pulp mold for ceramic casting, 6. Production and surface modification of micro/nanofibrillated cellulose (MFC/NFC) and Industrial Applications, 8. Pulp & paper, Papermaking and Paper properties
Educational Details
Albert Ludwig University of Freiburg, Germany
PhD, Bio-based Materials Engineering
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
M.Tech, Pulp and Paper Engineering
Gautam Buddh Technical University (formerly UPTU), Lucknow, India
B.Tech, Biotechnology
Professional Background
Assistant Professor
01 Jan 2020 - Present
Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, India
Postdoctoral Fellow
01 Jan 2018 - 01 Jan 2020
Aalto University, Finland
Postdoctoral Fellow
01 Jan 2016 - 01 Jan 2018
Empa, Swiss Federal Laboratories for Materials Science and Technology, Dübendorf, Switzerland
Master Thesis Worker
01 Jan 2011 - 01 Jan 2012
Dresden University of Technology, Germany

# Refereed Journal Papers (SCI/SCIE Indexed):


29. P. Chauhan, A. Ahuja, D. Singh, A. Singh, M. Madan, V. Rastogi. Trachyspermum ammi, a plant-based antimicrobial agent for paper packaging in e-commerce for consumer safety. Progress in Organic Coatings 2024, 192, 108525. (IF= 6.60).

28. A. Ahuja, V. Rastogi. Physicochemical and thermal characterization of the edible shellac films incorporated with oleic acid to enhance flexibility, water barrier and retard aging. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2024, 269, 132136. (IF= 8.20).

27. V. Singh, S.K. Bachala, M. Madan, A. Ahuja, V. Rastogi. A comprehensive comparison between synthetic and biobased wetstrength additives for paper Manufacturing. Cellulose 2024 (IF= 5.70)

26. N. Gupta, M. Fiedler, M. Lang, S. Fischer, F. Miletzky, V. Rastogi. Potential of acetosolv pulping as an environmentfriendly pulping method for spruce, beech, miscanthus, and characterization of handsheets. Cellulose 2024.  (IF= 5.70)

25. B.K. Mahur, A. Ahuja, S. Singh, P.K. Maji, V. Rastogi. Different nanocellulose morphologies (cellulose nanofibers, nanocrystals and nanospheres) extracted from Sunn hemp (Crotalaria Juncea). International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 2023, 253, 126657. (IF= 8.20)

24. P. Samyn, V. Rastogi, N.S.S. Baba, J.V. Erps. Role of Nanocellulose in Light Harvesting and Artificial Photosynthesis. Catalysts 2023, 13, 986.  (IF= 3.90)


23. N. Swain, P. Saini, S.S. Bhati, V. Rastogi. Biodegradable Stone Paper as a Sustainable Alternative to Traditional Paper: A Review.

Journal of Inorganic and Organometallic Polymers and Materials 2023.  (IF= 3.52)


22. A. Ahuja, V. Rastogi. Spray coating of edible insect waxes for liquid food packaging. Applied Surface Science 2023, 624, 157150.  (I.F = 7.40)



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19. A. Ahuja, P. Samyn, V. Rastogi. Paper bottles: potential to replace conventional packaging for liquid products. Biomass Conversion and Biorefinery, 2022, pg: N/A. (IF= 4.99)


18. P.K. Mishra, A. Ahuja, B.K. Mahur, V. Rastogi. Valorization of nylon and viscose-rayon textile yarn wastes for fabricating nanocomposite films. Express Polymer Letters Volume 17, No.2, 196–210, 2022. (IF= 4.16)


17. P. Samyn, V. Rastogi. Stabilization of an Aqueous Bio-Based Wax Nano-Emulsion through Encapsulation. Nanomaterials, 12(23), 4329, 2022.  (IF= 5.72)


16. A. Barhoum, V. Rastogi, B.K. Mahur, A. Rastogi, F. M. Haleem, P. Samyn. Nanocelluloses as new generation materials: natural resources, structure-related properties, engineering nanostructures, and technical challenges. Materials Today Chemistry, Volume 26, 101247, 2022. (IF= 8.30)


15. P.K. Mishra, A.M.D Izrayeel, B.K. Mahur, A. Ahuja, V. Rastogi. A comprehensive review on textile waste valorization techniques and their applications. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29, 65962–65977, 2022. (IF= 5.19)


14. N. Gupta, B.K. Mahur, A.M.D Izrayeel, A. Ahuja, V. Rastogi. Biomass conversion of agricultural waste residues for different applications: a comprehensive review. Environmental Science and Pollution Research, 29, 73622–73647, 2022. (IF= 5.19)

13. Sharma P, Ahuja A, Izrayeel A.M.D., Samyn P, Rastogi V. Physicochemical and thermal characterization of poly (3-hydroxybutyrate-co-4-hydroxybutyrate) films incorporating thyme essential oil for active packaging of white bread. Food Control, 2022, 133, Part B,108688. (IF= 5.55)

12. Rastogi V, Sturzenegger P, Gonzenbach U, Vetterli M, Naikade M, Kesari K,  Ruokolainene J, Kuebler J, Blugan G. High precision pulp-based sacrificial molds: A solution towards mass production of hollow ceramic spheres for deep sea applications. Ceramics International, 2022, 48, 6, 8235-8244. (IF= 4.53)

11. Karakoç A, Rastogi V, Isoaho T, Tardy B, Paltakari J, Rojas OJ. Comparative Screening of the Structural and Thermomechanical Properties of FDM Filaments Comprising Thermoplastics Loaded with Cellulose, Carbon and Glass Fibers. Materials, 2020, 13, 422.  (IF = 3.75)

10. Rastogi V, Samyn P. Novel processing of polyhydroxybutyrate with micro- to nanofibrillated cellulose and effect of fiber morphology on crystallization behaviour of composites, Express Polymer Letters, 2019, 14(2), 115-133. (IF= 4.16)

9. Rastogi V, Jiang B, Sturzenegger P, Gonzenbach U, Vetterli M, Blugan G, Kuebler J. A processing route for dip-coating and characterization of multi-structured ceramic foam, Ceramics International, 2019, 45(17), 21887-2189.  (IF = 4.53)

8. Rastogi V, Samyn P. Synthesis of polyhydroxybutyrate particles with micro-to-nanosized structures and application as protective coating for packaging papers, Nanomaterials, 2017, 7(1) 5, 1-18. (IF= 5.72)

7. Rastogi V, Großmann H, Ray A.K., Greiffenberg I. Dependence of softness perception on tissue physical properties and development of neural model for predicting softness, IPPTA: Quarterly Journal of Indian Pulp and Paper Technical Association, 2017, 29(2), 128-135.

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5. Rastogi V, Stanssens D, Samyn P. Reaction efficiency and retention of poly(styrene-co-maleimide) nanoparticle deposits on fibrillated cellulose surfaces, Carbohydrates Polymers, 2016, 141, 244-252.  (IF = 10.72)

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1.   Rastogi V, Samyn P. Novel production method for in-situ hydrophobization of a microfibrillated cellulose network, Materials Letters, 2014, 120, 196-199. DOI: 10.1016/j.matlet.2014.01.060 (IF = 3.57)


 # Conference Papers and Abstract Published in National/International Conference Proceedings: 

20. Samyn P, Bosmans J, Cosemans P, Rastogi V. Bio-based Barrier Coatings on Paper with Polyhydroxyalkanoates: A View on Opportunities and Challenges. PTS COATING SYMPOSIUM, 2021, Dresden, Germany. 

19. Rastogi V, Samyn P. Compression Molding of Polyhydroxybutyrate Nano-composite Films as Coating on Paper Substrates, Proceedings of 2nd Coatings and Interfaces Web Conference (MDPI), 2020. DOI: 10.3390/CIWC2020-06797

18. Samyn P, Rastogi V. Formulation and processing of PHB with fibrillated cellulose for nanocomposite films and paper coatings, 1st PHA World Congress, p. 41, Köln, Germany, 2018.

17. Samyn P, Rastogi V. Synthesis of PHB micro- to nanoscale particles for bio-based packaging, 14th International Conference of Renewable Resources and Biorefineries, Ghent, Belgium, 2018.

16. Rastogi V, Samyn P. Surface Functionalization of Fibrillated Cellulose by Nanoparticle Deposition and Use as Paper Coating Additive, PTS Faserstoff Symposium, Dresden, Germany, 2015

15. Samyn P, Rastogi V. PHB/NFC blends for composite and coating applications, 23rd annual meeting of the Bio-Environmental Polymer Society, (BEPS 2015), p. 27, Karlsruhe,  Germany, 2015.

14. Samyn P, Rastogi V, D. Stanssens. Fibrillar nanocellulose with sustained release of encapsulated wax from nanoparticle deposits, 4th EPNOE International Polysaccharide Conference, p. 45, Warsaw, Poland, 2015.

13. Rastogi V, Samyn P. Improvements in mechanical properties polyhydroxybutyrate by nanocellulose additives, 8th European Symposium on Biopolymers ESBP2015, p. 128, Rome, Italy, 2015.

12. Samyn P, Herberger T, Rastogi V. Formulation and characterization of PHB/NFC blends for potential thermoforming applications, p. 75, Biopolymers and Bioplastics Conference, San Francisco, USA, 2015.

11. Rastogi V, Samyn P. Fully bio-based protective coating for packaging papers, 11th Coatings Science International COSI, p. 126-130, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 2015.

10. Samyn P, Rastogi V. Chemical surface homogeneity of an organic nanoparticle coating analyzed by secondary ion mass spectroscopy and imaging, 11th Coatings Science International COSI, Noordwijk, The Netherlands, 2015.

9. Rastogi V, Herberger T, Samyn P. Crystallization behaviour and thermal properties of bio-based PHB/NFC nanocomposite blends, Biopolymer Materials and Engineering (BiMatE), Slovenj Gradec, Slovenia, 2015.

8. Rastogi V, Herberger T, Samyn P. Nanofibrillated cellulose as a nucleating agent to improve polyhydroxyalkanoates crystallization behavior, Macromolecular Colloquium, Freiburg, Germany, 2015.

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6. Rastogi V, Stanssens D, Samyn P. Hydrophobic surface modification of softwood cellulose nanofibers through nanoparticle deposition, 10th Congress for Biobased Materials, Natural Fibres and WPC (Biopolymers 2014), Stuttgart, Germany, 2014.

5. Samyn P, Rastogi V. Bio-mimicking of superhydrophobic surfaces with structured polyhydroxybutyrate particles, International conference on bio-friendly polymers and polymer additives, p. 62, Budapest, Hungary, 2014 (Poster Award).

4. Samyn P, Rastogi V. Thermally controlled release of plant wax from nanocomposite films of microfibrillated cellulose, International conference on bio-friendly polymers and polymer additives, p. 62, Budapest, Hungary, 2014.

3. Rastogi V, Taheri H, Samyn P. A novel production method for hydrophobized microfibrillated cellulose, 4th International Conference of Biodegradable and Biobased Polymers (Biopol – 2013), Rome, Italy, 2013.

2. Taheri H, Rastogi V, Samyn P. Production and rheology of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) dispersions under different homogenization conditions, 4th International Conference of Biodegradable and Biobased Polymers (Biopol – 2013), Rome, Italy, 2013.

1. Taheri H, Rastogi V, Samyn P. Production and characterization of microfibrillated cellulose (MFC) as valuable additive for biocomposites, 22nd Internal Kolloquium Freiburger Materialforschungszentrum (FMF), Schluchsee, Germany, 2013.




Honors And Awards
MDPI, Basel, Switzerland
Coatings Best Review Paper Award
BPPA 14, Budapest
Best Poster Award
German Academic Exchange Service, Germany
DAAD Master Sandwich Scholarship
Ministry of Health Research and Development, India
GATE Scholarship
Teaching Engagements
Teaching Engagements
Printing Technology ( PPN-545 )
Nanotechnology Application in Packaging ( PPN-568 )
Paper Making ( PPN-504 )
Paper Based Value Added Products
17 Aug 2020 - Present
Other Supervisors: , Scholar: Arihant Ahuja (PMRF fellow)
Associate Scholars
Anuj Jain
IIT Roorkee
Fiber Based Composite Material
A. M. D. Izrayeel (DAAD KOSPIE student at TU Dresden, Germany)
IIT Roorkee
Bio-based coating for packaging applications
Palak Sharma (Gold Medalist)
IIT Roorkee
Antimicrobial Packaging Material
Bhupendra Mahur
IIT Roorkee
Extraction of nanocellulose from Sun Hemp
Nikhil Gupta
IIT Roorkee
Utilization of agro residues in pulp and paper making (co-guide)
Prince Mishra
IIT Roorkee
Textile waste utilization for producing a packaging material
Nitin Gupta (DAAD KOSPIE student at TU Dresden, Germany)
IIT Roorkee
Agro-waste residues as value added product
Jyoti Singh
IIT Roorkee
Blending of cotton stalk fiber with bagasse for paper making (co-guide)
Tissue Papermaking Training
01 Jan 2019 - Present
Valmet Karlstad Learning Centre, Sweden
Administrative Positions
DRC Chairman
22 Apr 2022 - 21 Apr 2024
Department of Paper Technology, IIT Roorkee
Warden Malviya and Indira Bhawan
01 Jan 2020 - 30 Jun 2022
IIT Roorkee Saharanpur Campus
Faculty In-charge for No Dues
01 Jan 2020 - Present
Department of Paper Technology, IIT Roorkee
Faculty In-Charge for Computers
15 Jan 2021 - 30 Jun 2022
IIT Roorkee Saharanpur Campus
Other work
- REVIEWER for International Journals, 1) Materials, 2) Coatings, 3) Forests, 4) Nanomaterials, 5) Polymers, 6) BioResources, 7) Express Polymers Letters. Review details at Publons: - ResearchGate: - Linkedin:
Interested PhD and Post-docs

Interested and Motivated students for internship, Master thesis, PhD and Post-Docs are welcome to contact me via mail to join my research group following institute guidelines.