List of Faculty Members in Paper Technology Department
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Subrata Biswas
Assistant professor
Department of Paper Technology
Water and Wastewater treatment, Resource recovery, Industrial pollution control, Chemical recovery, Waste to wealth, Sustainable technology, Reactor devlopment, Environmental pollution control, Novel technologies in environmental application
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Dharm Dutt
Head of department
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Kirtiraj Kundlik Gaikwad
Associate professor
+91 9897775721
Active Food Packaging, Sustainable Smart Packaging, Intelligent Packaging (Use of labels & Indicator), Food safety and Shelf life, High Barrier Polymeric Films ( oxygen and moisture)., Waste valorization, Food waste management and preservation
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Vibhore Kumar Rastogi
Assistant professor
1. Fiber molding, 2. Agro-waste valorization for various applications, 3. Antimicrobial packaging, 4. Recyclability of paper-plastic materials, 5. Biobased barrier coatings for food application, 7. Pulp mold for ceramic casting, 6. Production and surface modification of micro/nanofibrillated cellulose (MFC/NFC) and Industrial Applications, 8. Pulp & paper, Papermaking and Paper properties
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S.C. Sharma
Wireless sensor Network and IoT, Wireless Communication , Cloud Computing, Soft Computing, Information Retrieval
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Chhaya Sharma
Pulping, bleaching, stock preparation, paper properties, industrial wastewater treatment., Identification and removal of pollutants, Synthesis of natural bio-composite/chemical composites and their applications for pulp, paper, packaging, effluent treatment, and corrosion inhibition., Reduction of pollutants during pulp bleaching via effluent treatments and low pollution bleaching practices., Corrosion potential of industrial effluents, and microbial influenced corrosion., Bio-mass conversion to value-added products from agriculture residues along with secondary fibers, utilization of fruits waste as a natural cellulose fiber for the preparation of regenerated cellulose and functional additives., Eco-friendly paper packaging/boards to provide protection and preserve the inherent qualities of products., Fiber furnish, fatty acids, heavy metal ions, volatile organic compounds, microbes & and enzymatic analysis of various papers and boards., Impart barrier properties with regards to moisture, air, light, and microbiological activities.
Retired Faculty
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Ram Kumar
Retired faculty
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Vikram Singh
Retired faculty
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Vivek Kumar
Retired faculty
Environment and energy, Modeling & Simulation, Low cost Technologies
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Anurag Kulshreshtha
Retired faculty
Packaging, Smart Packaging, Active Packaging, TTIs Indicator, Polymer and Paper , Polymer and Paper based food and pharmaceuticals packaging, Packaging, Anti counterfeit and Security Printing with smart technology, Packaging, Advancement in Converting Technology
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A.K. Ray
Retired faculty
Process Engineering, Modeling Simulation and Control
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Satish Kumar
Retired faculty
Environmental Science, Pulp Bleaching , Environmental Science, Pulp Bleaching
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Y.K. Sharma
Retired faculty
Ex Faculty
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Dr.-Ing. Sampat Singh Bhati
Ex faculty
Stone Paper for Packaging applications, Advanced Characterization of Packaging Materials, Macromolecular heterogeneities of polymeric materials, Chemical and Mechanical Recycling of Packaging waste, 3D printing with Polymers and composites, Polymer Rheology, Reduction of Emissions from Materials, Sustainable Packaging Materials, High temperature high performance liquid chromatography - HT-HPLC, Two dimentional liquid chromatography - 2D-LC, High temperature gel permeation chromatography - HT-GPC, Improvement in Product Aesthetics, Applications of Data science for Material Characterization
Visiting Faculty
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Nishi Kant Bhardwaj
Visiting professor