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Dr.Yogendra Singh
Yogendra Singh Head Of Department yogenfeq[at] 91-01332-285534 Website
Areas of Interest
  • Performance Based Seismic Design, Performance Based Design of Buildings and Bridges
  • Seismic Response Evaluation of Structures, Non-Linear Modelling and Analysis of RC Structures
  • Seismic Evaluation and Retrofitting of Structures, Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Hospitals and Schools
  • Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Evaluation, Seismic Vulnerability ans Risk Analysis of Indian Housing Stock
  • Dynamic Soil-Structure Interaction, Effect of Soil on Seismic Performance of Buildings, Towers, and Bridges
  • Seismic Risk In Hilly Areas, Sesimic Fragility Analysis of Hill Buildings
  • Seismic Risk In Hilly Areas, Slope-Building Interaction under Seismic Action
Professional Background
2012On GoingProfessorDepartment of Earthquake Engineering, IIT Roorkee
20072012Associate ProfessorDepartment of Earthquake Engg., IIT Roorkee
20012007Assistant ProfessorDepartment of Earthquake Engg., IIT Roorkee
19962001LecturerJamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi
19941996Scientist FellowStructural Engineering Research Center Ghaziabad
Honors and Awards
Outstanding Teacher Award IITR2006
Educational Details
B.E.Civil EngineeringUniversity of Roorkee1989
M.Tech.Structural Engg.IIT Delhi1990
Ph.D.Structural Engg.IIT Delhi1994
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Indo-Norwegian Institutional Collaboration on Earthquake Engg. between NORSAR & NGI, Norway and IIT INPIC2002
Structural Stability Assessment and Development of Design Guidelines for Expanded Polystyrene Core PBMTPC2015
Seismic Safety of Masonry Infilled RC FramesMHRD2003
Durability Assessment and Enhancement of Service Life of Expanded Polystyrene Core Panel SystemBMTPC2015
Earthquake Risk Reduction in Himalaya with Institutional Cooperation between India and NorwayNORSAR, Norway2006
Earthquake Hazard and Risk Reduction on the Indian SubcontinentNORSAR, Norway2012
Earthquake Vulnerability and Loss Appraisal for Non-Structural Elements in the Campus BuildingsMoES2006
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Earthquake Resistant Design of StructuresEQ 563P.G./Pre Ph.D.Autumn
Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of StructuresEQ-514P.G./Pre Ph.D.Spring
Projects and Thesis Supervised
Title of ProjectNames of Students
Retrofitting of the Main Building of IIT RoorkeeShahid Manzoor
Seismic Retrofitting of Stilt R.C. BuildingsS. Jafar Mehdi
Analytical Modelling of Corrosion Damage to R.C. StructuresGurukripal Singh
Analysis of Antenna Supporting StructuresPrasad S.R. Jallipalli
Seismic Behaviour of Frame-Shear Wall BuildingsKapil Jain
Comparative Study of Force Based and Displacement Based Design of BuildingsSivaraju Muralidhar
Strength and Ductility of Jacketted R.C. MembersRatnesh Kumar
Three Dimensional Analysis of Surface Power Station by Finite Element MethodVivek Tripathi
Seismic Safety of Hospital Equipment and ServicesSudhanshu Tripathi
Directional Effects in Seismic Response of BuildingsGopalakrishnan, C.
Effect of Building Stiffness and Strength on the Seismic safety of Non-structural Building ComponentSolomon Adugna
Performance Based Design of Frame-Shear Wall BuildingsAnirban Chatterjee
Effect of URM Infills on Seismic Performance of RC Frame BuildingsDipankar Das
Base Isolation of URM Infilled RC Frame BuildingsSamik Chakraborty
Retrofitting of A RC Building Using FRP WrappingNikam Amol Panditrao
Seismic Vulnerability Reduction through Codal Design of URM Infilled RC BuildingsPiyal Mandal
Seismic Behaviour of Skewed and Curved BridgesTibebu Hunegn Birhane
Seismic Safety of Nonstructural Components in buildingsNeha Goyal
Seismic Performance and Vulnerability of IS Code Designed RC Frame BuildingsPutul Haldar
Performance Based Design of Base Isolated Hospital BuildingsMallika Menon.P
Seismic Performance of Fire Affected BuildingsToshniwal Pramod Bansilalji
Performance of Flat Slab Column Buildings during EarthquakeGaurav Maroo
Seismic Performance Evaluation of URM BuildingsPatil Pankaj Sharad
Structural Design of Pseudo-dynamic Testing Facility Proposed at IIT RoorkeeRaja A.M.
Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of IITR Main BuildingRamesh Kumar A.
Performance Based Design of Flat Slab-Shear Wall SystemChandra Shekhar Garg
Effects of Torsion in Seismic Response of BuildingsAshish Kumar
Effect of Soil on seismic Performance of RC BuildingsShrabony Adhikari
Determination of Design Ground Motion Parameters for Displacement-Based DesignPanchal Amratbhai Popatbhai
Seismic Evaluation of Flat Slab Building with Shear-Wall CoreAgrawal Nikhilkumar Kamalkisore
Seismic Behaviour of Buildings with Stiffness and Strength EccentricitiesShaik Mohammed Rizwan
Seismic Performance of Slopes Subjected to Foundation LoadsN. Sweta
Attenuation Relationship for Spectral Displacement for Himalayan RegionBirajdar Amarjeet Bhimrao
Performance Based Design of RC Frame Buildings with Supplemental DampingMahesh Babu Addala
Effect of Staircase on Seismic Behaviour of Multistorey BuildingsLt. Col. Pulkit Chauhan
Seismic Retrofitting of Unreinforced Masonry BuildingsMohammad Azam
Performance Based Design of Steel FramesSitara Sarada
Seismic Behaviour of Buildings on Hill SlopesGade Phani Kumar
Performance of Frame Buildings with Passive Energy Dissipation DevicesDeepshika Chaudhary
Seismic Vulnerability of Buildings Located on Hill SlopesVeereswara Rao Yeluguri
Performance Based Seismic Evaluation of Eccentrically Braced Frames Designed using Different CodesBhemineni Mounika
Seismic Performance of Frame-Shear Wall BuildingsMitesh Surana
Seismic Behaviour and Design of Bridges with Tall PiersRakhi Kulkarni
Development of Model Design Guidelines for Eccentrically Braced FramesAbhishek Singhal
Out-of-Plane Behaviour of Unreinforced Masonry Infills in RC FramesTriveni Mudaliar
Seismic Design of Flat Slab-Shear Wall BuildingsSubhajit Sen
Seismic Strengthening of Unreinforced Masonry (URM) BuildingsManish Pathak
Seismic Performance of Steel EBF Buildings Designed for Indian CodesNabeel Amhad Khan
Seismic Performance of Rocking Spine BuildingsAshish Vishnoi
Effect of Substructure Configuration on Seismic Performance of a BridgeB.J.N. Satish
Effect of Soil Conditions on Seismic Response of BridgeAmey P. Naringrekar
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Out-of-Plane Behaviour of Unreinforced Masonry Infill PanelsAmjad MasoodA2002
Seismic Performance of a Continuous Bridge: Role of Bearings and SubstructureGoutam GhoshA2003
Performance Based Seismic Design of HospitalsS. ChoudhuryA2004
Seismic Vulnerability and Risk Assessment of Indian Urban HousingJ.S.R. PrasadA2003
Modelling and Seismic Performance Evaluation of Indian RC Frame BuildingsRatnesh KumarA2004
A Comprehensive Performance-Based Seismic Design Approach for RC Frame BuildingsVijay N. KhoseA2008
Seismic Behavior and Vulnerability of Indian RC Buildings with URM InfillsPutul HaldarA2008
Direct Displacement Based Design of Base-Isolated RC Frame BuildingsGovardhanA2008
Effect of Soil on Seismic Performance of StructuresShrabony Adhikari A2010
Performance Based Seismic Design of Masonry StructuresKadam Sachin BalasaheA2010
Seismic Risk Assessment in Hilly AreasNarsimha D. S.O2009
Seismic Behaviour of Buildings on Hill SlopesDhiraj RajO2012
Seismic Vulnerability Assessment of Hill BuildingsMitesh SuranaO2013
Performance Based Seismic Design of Masonry BuildingsP. Pravin Kumar Venkat RaoO2014
Performance Based Seismic Design of Hospital BuildingsAdil AhmadO2015
Special Lectures Delivered
Refereed Journal Papers
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