Jeevanand S
Assistant professor
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Topic related to Electrical Machines and power electronic drives, Renewable Energy Systems, Diagnosis and prognosis of electrical machines and drives, Power electronic drives, Renewable energy applications, electrical machines and electrical systems, Application of advanced signal analysis and machine learning in Electric drives and renewable energy
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Rolls Royce @ NTU Corporate Lab, Nanyang Technological University
01 Jan 2015 - 01 Jan 2016
Research Fellow
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IIT Delhi
PhD, Electrical machines and Drives
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31 Aug 2020 - Present
Senior Member
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Referred Journals


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Selected Conference proceedings

1) T. Khan, P. Alekhya and J. Seshadrinath, "Incipient Inter-turn Fault Diagnosis in Induction motors using CNN and LSTM based Methods," 2018 IEEE Industry Applications Society Annual Meeting (IAS), Portland, OR, 2018, pp. 1-6.

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3) V. Nguyen, D. Wang, J. Seshadrinath, S. Nadarajan and V. Vaiyapuri, "Fault severity estimation using nonlinear Kalman filter for induction motors under inter-turn fault," IECON 2016 - 42nd Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society, Florence, 2016, pp. 1488-1493.

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8) S. Jeevanand, B. Singh, B. K. Panigrahi, and V. Negi, "State of art on condition monitoring of induction motors," in Proc IEEE Power Electronics, Drives and Energy Systems (PEDES) & 2010 Power India, 2010 Joint International Conference , 2010, pp. 1-7.