Jogendra Kumar Nayak
Associate professor
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Marketing Research, B2B Marketing, International Business, Pricing Strategy
Educational Details
Professional Background
Administrative Positions


Honours and Awards

Teaching Engagements
Teaching Engagements

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Educational Details
VGSOM, IIT-Kharagpur
PhD, Marketing
Pune University.
M.B.A, Marketing
Utkal Univ.
B.E, Civil Engineering
Professional Background
Associate Professor
17 Dec 2019 - Present
Assistant Professor
13 Aug 2012 - 16 Dec 2019
IIT Roorkee
Administrative Positions
Professor in Charge-Training & Placement
01 Jan 2019 - 02 May 2022
DOMS-IIT Roorkee
Chief Warden-Cautley Bhavan
01 May 2017 - 01 May 2019
IIT Roorkee
Investigating the adoption of electrical vehicles in India: A case of tier 2 cities in India 01 Apr 2022 Electric vehicles 6 lakhs ICSSR Sourabh Arora(PI)
Start-up India and Skill India Initiatives 01 Apr 2022 Start up India and Skill India 18 lakhs ICSSR A.K.Sharma (PD)
Study on the handicraft industries: Empowering the artisans 01 Jan 2018 Study on the handicraft industries: Empowering the artisans 6 Lakhs ICSSR N.A
Marketing Practices in Handicraft sector in Uttarakhand 01 Jan 2013 Marketing Practices in Handicraft sector in Uttarakhand 5 LAKH IIT N.A

Honors And Awards
A.P.J Abdul Kalam Technical University
Member Board of Studies-MBA
Ministry of Corporate Affairs, Government of India
Member of the Expert Committee of National CSR Awards
Brainware University, West Bengal.
Member BOS for Commerce & Management
Ministry of Home Affairs, Govt. of India
Expert Member of Standing Committee on Research Methodology
National Science Centre
Reviewer for the Executive Government agency, Poland.
Teaching Engagements
Teaching Engagements
Pricing Strategy ( BMN-675 )
Marketing Research ( BMN-530 )
B2B Marketing ( BMN-676 )
International Business ( BMN-527 )
01 Jan 2021 - Present
Other Supervisors: N.A, Scholar: Vikas Arora
01 Aug 2020 - Present
Other Supervisors: N.A, Scholar: Shyam Kumar
01 Aug 2020 - Present
Other Supervisors: N.A, Scholar: Shipra Mathur
Marketing of Fake News
01 Dec 2019 - Present
Other Supervisors: N.A, Scholar: Abhinav Verma
B2B Pricing
01 Jan 2019 - Present
Other Supervisors: N.A, Scholar: Piyush Ranjan
Energy Marketing
01 Jan 2019 - Present
Other Supervisors: N.A, Scholar: Ganesh Kumar
Travel Behaviour & Travel demand management(CTRANS)
01 Jan 2018 - 02 Jun 2022
Other Supervisors: M.K.Parida, Scholar: Jyoti Mandhani
Experimental Analysis of Participatory Pricing with Reference to Pay-What-You-Want Pricing
01 Jan 2016 - 01 Apr 2020
Other Supervisors: N.A, Scholar: Preety Narwal
Achieving Customer Brand Engagement through Brand Communities
01 Jan 2015 - 01 Aug 2019
Other Supervisors: N.A, Scholar: Jitender Kumar
Developing experiential & emotional consumer relationships
01 Jan 2015 - 01 May 2019
Other Supervisors: N.A, Scholar: Shivam Rai
Renewable Energy Marketing: Special reference to wind energy
01 Jan 2013 - 02 Aug 2016
Other Supervisors: N.A, Scholar: Deepak Sangroya
Compulsive Buying behavior & Post purchase Regret: Familial & Non- Familial Stressors
01 Jan 2013 - 02 May 2016
Other Supervisors: N.A, Scholar: Rashmi Singh
Examining the Role of Destination Personality in Predicting Tourist Behaviour
01 Jan 2013 - 01 Jan 2016
Other Supervisors: N.A, Scholar: Vikas Kumar
Recent techniques in Management research
31 Aug 2022 - 05 Sep 2022
9-Short term courses on 'Data analysis for Research & Publication'
01 Jan 2013 - Present
Quantitative and qualitative methods for research in social sciences
25 Jul 2022 - 05 Aug 2022
Research Methodology in Economics and Allied Studies
01 Jan 2016 - Present
Customer Focus
01 Jan 2013 - Present
Consumer engagement for Power Distribution Companies
24 Jul 2020 - Present
Eastern Asia Society for Transportation Studies(Vietnam)
Paper Presentation
Paper presentation
Bilgi Univ-Istanbul
Paper Presentation
Refereed Journal Papers

Journal Publications 


1. Kumar, G., & Nayak, J. K. (2022). A Meta-Analysis of TPB Model in Predicting Green Energy Behavior: The Moderating Role of Cross-Cultural Factors. Journal of International Consumer Marketing, 1-19.

2. Ranjan, P., & Nayak, J. K. (2022). Examining the antecedents and consequences of pricing capability: Evidence from SMEs. Journal of Business & Industrial Marketing.


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Before 2014

1.  Nayak, J. K., Sinha, G., & Guin, K. K. (2011). Impact of supplier management on a firm's performance. Decision, 38(1), 77.

2.  Nayak, J. K., Sinha, G., & Guin, K. K. (2007). The determinants and impact of outsourcing on small and medium enterprises–an empirical study. IIMB Management Review, 19(3), 277-284. 

Case Publication

1.      Nayak, J.K., Narwal, P. & Rajoria, V. (2017). Welspun: Detangling the threads. European Case Clearing House. Reference no. 517-0080-1.

2.      Nayak, J.K., Rai, S., & Narwal, P. (2017). Ripples in Indian Noodles Industry: A Case of WAIWAI. European Case Clearing House. Reference no. 517-0146-1.


Particulars of course organized under NPTEL
  1. Marketing Research and Analysis-I (8 weeks)
  2. Marketing research and analysis-II (12 weeks)
  3. International Business (12 weeks)
  4. B2B Marketing (12 Weeks) Ongoing
Books Authored

Textbook on "Retail Management" by Cengage Publications (2016)

Retail Management is designed to serve as a textbook for a course in retail marketing. The aim of the book is to present retailing practices in India covering all aspects of undergraduate and postgraduate curricula of commerce and management. The book will also be of substantial benefit to doctoral students.  The book covers topics related to complete the retailing process in India including the new dimensions of retailing such as online retailing. The book also provides a wide range of real-life examples and illustrations. 


PhD Examiner

PhD examiner to

1. XLRI-Jamshedpur

2. MDI-Gurgaon

3. Pondichery University

4. Symbiosis university

5. Lovely Professional University

6. Amity University

7. SRM University

8. Delhi University



Innovation in teaching

1. Case Based Learning

2. Simulation Based

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