Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar Professor akumafah[at] +91-1332-285821
Areas of Interest
  • Planning, Investigation and Designs of SHP, Energy Economics and Policy, Environmental Management of Rivers and Lakes
Honors and Awards
Director of NHPC Ltd.Govt. of IndiaNov 2015
Chair Professor (Renewable Energy)IITR2013, 2015
Coordinating Lead Author-Special Report on Renewable EnergyIntergovernmental Panel for Climate Change (IPCC) for Hydro power Geneve2009
FellowshipNORAD ( Norwegian Government)1988
Cash your ideas AwardCBIP1991
Surya AwardIIRDSS, Delhi2000
National ScholarshipGovt. of India1973
Educational Details
B.E.Civil EngineeringIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee (University of Roorkee)1979
M.E.CivilIISCIndian Institute of Science, Bangalore1981
DiplomaHydro Power DevelopmentNTH (now NTNU), Trondheim (Norway)1989
PhdHydro Power DevelopmentIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee2008
Administrative Background
July 2013continueChair Professor (Renewable Energy)AHEC
Sep 2001Nov 2015Chief Scientific OfficerAHEC
19901998Dy DirectorSTEP
20082013MemberSRIC board
19821985Residentail WardenGanga Bhawan
  • Indian Water Resources Society (F-1103), Fellow (Life)
  • Institution of Engineers (India) ( F-015964-2), Fellow (Life)
  • Indian Water Works Association, Fellow (Life)
  • Indian Hydraulic Society (F-758), Fellow (Life)
  • Indian Association of Hydrologists (LM-170), Member (Life)
  • International Association of Hydraulic Research (CN-9943), Member
  • Solar Energy Society of India (LM-1136/2005), Member (Life)
  • Planning Commission, Sub-Committee on R&D Research, Design and Development in Renewable Energy, 2006, Member
  • Technology Incubation and Entrepreneurship Activity (TIEDA) of IIT Roorkee since Dec 2010, Member
  • Planning Commission, Sub-Committee on rivers, lakes and aquifer for 11th plan , 2006, Member
  • 12th Plan proposals preparation for Small Hydro sub group of MNRE (2011), Member
  • Hydro Power seminar, ASSOCHAM and Royal Norwegian Embassy, 2006, Chairman
  • Expert Committee of MoEF for Srinagar Project, (Apr-May, 2013), Member
  • Uttarakhand Electricity Regulatory Commission (2006 - 2011), Member (Advisory Committee)
  • Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources, Govt. of India (1997 on wards), Member (Convener)
  • Governing Council of Skill Council for Green Jobs since 2015, Member
  • Committee for examining the special issue to Varanasi sewage on river Ganga constituted by MoEF 2010, Member
  • Bureau of Indian Standard (BIS) Committee 15.4 on Small Hydro (1984-92), Member (Alternate)
  • Project Executive Committee of UNDP-GEF Hilly Hydro Project, MNES, Govt. of India (1995-99), Member
  • International Scientific Committee constituted by MoEF for World Lake Congress, 2007, Member
  • Project Implementation Committee of UNDP-GEF Hilly Hydro Project, MNES, Govt. of India (1998-2000), Member
  • Consultative committee for mid-term evaluation of MoEF constituted by Planning Commission 2009, Member
  • Committee for State S+T Intervention Projects, DST, Govt. of India, 2007, Member, Expert member
  • Purchase Committee of UNDP GEF Hilly Hydro Project, MNES, Govt of India (1998 -2000), Member
  • Uttarakhand State Environment Impact of Hydropower Proj Committee constituted by UK Govt Since 2008, Member
  • Committee for selection of site for IIT Patna from hydrology aspects, Member, Expert member
  • Renewable Energy Cell of UP State Govt., Aug 2000, Member
  • Examination of Small Hydropower site offers constituted by Uttarakhand Government (2008 till date), Member
  • Standing Committee for Border area Illumination, Govt. of India, MNRE 2008, Member
  • FICCI Renewable Energy Committee 2009, Member
  • International Council for Science Regional Office for Asia & the Pacific Kualalumpur (Malaysia) 2008, Member
  • Committee constituted by MNES for village hydro cost estimation, 2004, Chairman
  • IREDA (Jul 2000-03), Nominee Director
  • Rural Electrification Committee of Uttaranchal, Aug 2001, Member
  • Project Evaluation Committee of Uttaranchal Jal Vidyut Nigam, Jul 2002, Member
  • CII - GBC Godrej Renewable Energy Committee, 2003, Member
  • Uttaranchal State Committee for CDM Projects, 2005, Member
  • American Society of Mechanical Engineers (M-100173557), Member
  • American Society of Civil Engineers(M-1023418), Member
  • American Water Works Association(M-01081163), Member
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Scheduling Of Wind - Hydro Power Under Power MarketJaved DhillonA2010
Green house gas emission from reservoirsKawade Swati ManoharraoA2009
Optimal planning of medium head hydro power projectsMukesh Kumar SinghalO2008
Efficient Distribution systemVSKV HarishO2012
Impact of Sediment on hydropower plantAnant Kumar RaiO2012
Draft tube design developmentAli AbbasO2013
Penstock design optimizationRahul GargO2014
Renewable energy integrated with pump storageRajesh KumarO2015
Solar generation monitoringManish KumarO2015
Books Authored

Book/special publication

  1. Kumar, A., “Benchmark cost for small and large hydropower projects” sponsored by Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, AHEC IIT Roorkee, August 2015.
  2. Proceeding of International Conference on Hydropower for Sustainable Development, Dehradun, Feb 05-07, 2015, pp 568.
  3. Proceedings on National Workshop on Developing an Strategy for Education and Vocational Training for the Renewable Energy Sector in India at New Delhi, Aug 22, 2014, pp 44.
  4. National Standards/Manuals/Guidelines for SHP Projects 2013


    1. General 1.1- Small hydropower definitions and glossary of terms, list and scope of different Indian and international standards/guidelines/manuals
    2. General 1.2 and 2.1 - Planning and Layouts
    3. General 1.3 - Project hydrology and installed capacity
    4. General 1.4 - Reports preparation: reconnaissance, pre-feasibility, feasibility/ detailed project report and as built report
    5. General 1.5 - Project cost estimation
    6. General 1.6 - Economic and financial analysis and tariff determination
    7. General 1.7 - Model contracts for execution and supplies of civil and E&M works
    8. General 1.8 - Project Management of Small Hydroelectric Projects
    9. General 1.9 - Environment Impact Assessment
    10. General 1.10 - Performance evaluation of small hydro power plants
    11. General 1.11 – Renovation, Modernization and Uprating
    12. General 1.12 - Site Investigations
    13. Civil Works 2.2 & 2.3 - Hydraulic and Structure design
    14. Civil Works 2.4 - Maintenance of civil works (including hydro-mechanical)
    15. Civil Works 2.5 - Technical specifications for Hydro Mechanical Works
    16. Electro Mechanical works 3.1 - Selection of Turbine and Governing System
    17. Electro Mechanical works 3.2 - Selection of Generator and Excitation systems
    18. Electro Mechanical works 3.3 – Design of switchyard and selection of equipment, main SLD and layout
    19. Electro Mechanical works 3.4 – Selection of Control, Automation, Protection and Monitoring system
    20. Electro Mechanical works 3.5 – Design of Auxiliary systems and selection of equipments
    21. Electro Mechanical works 3.6 - Technical Specifications for procurement of generating equipments
    22. Electro Mechanical works 3.7 - Technical Specifications for procurement of auxiliaries
    23. Electro Mechanical works 3.8 - Technical Specifications for procurement and installation of switchyard equipment
    24. Electro Mechanical works 3.9 - Technical Specifications for procurement of control, automation, protection and monitoring systems
    25. Electro Mechanical works 3.10 - Power Evacuation and Interconnections with Grid
    26. Electro Mechanical works 3.11 - Operation and maintenance
    27. Electro Mechanical works 3.12 Erection, Testing and Commissioning
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  17. Report of Zonal Plan Activities, Vol I_ main report, Vol II Thematic Maps and Vol III Regional Flow duration models, AHEC IIT Roorkee April 2002
  18. Prepared the draft and final version of the guidelines for Bureau of Indian Standard on the "Preliminary dimensions of small, mini & micro hydro power station and selection of turbines"(draft) as an alternate member of committee on hydropower stations. (Published IS 12800 (part 3):1991).
  19. Special Issue on Small Hydro- Urja Bharati, Journal of Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Sources as Convener of Publication Advisory Committee (Aug. 1992).
Refereed Journal Papers

Journal Peer reviewed Publication


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