TARGET Hackathon

  • An event to bring Sanskrit and Technology together and develop web/mobile-based Teaching Aids (TA), Recreational Games (RG) and Educational Tools (ET) - using/for Sanskrit.
  • If you would like to contribute resources for participants (demo/tutorial/project-reports/problem-statements), please use this form and submit preferably by/before 19-Dec-2020.
  • Here is the link to some resources.
  • Join Sanskrit-Coders community at GitHub.
  • If you are interested in participating as a Sanskrit mentor (volunteer) and available from now on till 5-Jan, please see instructions below -
    • If you have strong Sanskrit knowledge (eg: completed BA or MA or equivalent) Telegram channel Mentor Pool - 1.
    • If you are a student of Sanskrit and have basic knowledge join Telegram channel Mentor Pool - 2.
    • You may need to enable pop-ups to get the 'Join-group' link. Please join ONLY ONE.