Some Useful Links

For the TARGET संस्कृतम् Hackathon and general resources


R. N. Iyengar

  • The Basic Unit of Time Measure in Ancient India.
  • Sines in Terse Verse

    Prof. Roddam Narasimha

  • How India coded large numbers into verses.
  • An article on Prof. Roddam Narasimha, Indic Today.
  • Sandhi

    AI Application, IIT Delhi

  • Neural network based approaches to the process of the formation and splitting of word-compounding, respectively known as the Sandhi and Vichchhed, in Sanskrit language.
  • The code is being made available here by the authors of this paper.
  • Sanskrit Digitalization

    OCR Application, IIT Bombay

  • Optical Character Recognition models.
  • Demo Video - 1
  • Demo Video - 2
  • About the project.
  • Overview of the app by the creators.
  • You may refer to the code here.
  • Jnanasangraha

    Sanskrit Methods Applications, IIT Kanpur

  • Platform featuring collection of applications related to various Sanskrit methods.
  • Demo Video
  • Official website
  • Katapayadi Sankhya

    Decoding Tool, IISER Pune

  • App to decode the Katapayadhi Sankhya from Shlokas.
  • In news.
  • Sanskrit Computational Linguistics

    Toolkit Platform, University of Hyderabad

  • Links to the websites -
  • Official site
  • Mirror site
  • TDIL
  • Sanskrit-Hindi Translator

    Machine Translation System, Lovely Professional University

  • Demo video
  • Google Scholar profile
  • Quizousie

    Innovative Game, Suresh Purohit

  • A fun game combining quiz and housie.
  • Demo Video
  • FaceBook page
  • Play Quizousie
  • About page of Quizousie
  • Sanskrit Apps

    Compilation by Samskrita Promotion Foundation

  • A compalition of some apps related to Sanskrit on Google PlayStore.
  • Courses Management App

    Course Digitalization, Vijay Zala

  • An app to manage all courses of Samskrita Bharati.
  • Demo Video
  • Comments of the creator.
  • You can test the working app.
  • Shloka Classification

    NLP Application, Aparna Sakshi

  • Using Natural Language Processing for classifying Sanskrit shlokas.
  • Demo Video
  • The code is available here.
  • You can test the working app.
  • Vyoma Apps

    Vyoma Linguistic Labs Foundation

  • Links leading to multiple demo videos - Organization, Non-Profit Works
  • Personal Learning Companion products for kids.
  • Free Sandhi apps - Google Play Store, Apple Store
  • Samaasa app web version - Username: demo, Password: demo@vyoma