Namo Namah!
नमो नमः!

Welcome to Sanskrit Club
संस्कृत-मण्डले सुस्वागतम्

The Sanskrit Club is an initiative to revive and promote the bedrock for the growth of a large part of the glorious Indian Civilisation, the Sanskrit language. Knowledge of unknown proportions resides in texts composed in this ancient language, be it the Vedas, the Puranas, the Tantras, or the treatises by other Indian saints and writers. We, as students of a premier technological institution of this country, have taken it upon ourselves to approach Sanskrit with a scientific temperament and bring back to the world all the literary, technological, philosophical and scientific genius, that dwells within the texts of this language.

संस्कृत-मण्डलः संस्कृतभाषायाः पुनरुत्थानस्य च संवर्धनस्य कृते एकः उपक्रमः वर्तते । एतायाः प्राचीन-भाषायाः ग्रन्थेषु बहु-मात्रायाम् विद्या भवति, तद्यथा वेदाः, पुराणाः, तन्त्राः, वा अन्य महर्षिभिः लेखकैः च लिखिताः शास्त्राः । वयम् प्रधान-प्रौद्योगिकी-संस्थनस्य छात्राणाम् रुपेण, संस्कृतम् वैज्ञानिक-भावेन दृष्टुम् तथा इयं भाषायाः ग्रन्थेषु या साहित्यिक-तान्त्रिक-तर्कविद्यासम्बन्धिन्-वैज्ञानिक प्रतिभा वर्तते, ताम् विश्वे पुनः आनेतुम्, अस्माकम् कर्तव्ये मानन्ते ।

जाड्यं धियो हरति सिंचति वाचि सत्यं,
मानोन्नतिं दिशति पापमपाकरोति |
चेतः प्रसादयति दिक्षु तनोति कीर्तिं,
सत्संगतिः कथय किं न करोति पुंसाम् ||

(अच्छे मित्रों का साथ बुद्धि की जड़ता को हर लेता है, वाणी में सत्य का संचार करता है, मान और उन्नति को बढ़ाता है और पाप से मुक्त करता है|
चित्त को प्रसन्न करता है और हमारी कीर्ति को सभी दिशाओं में फैलाता है |आप ही कहें कि सत्संगती मनुष्यों के भले के लिये क्या नहीं करती!)


  • For those who emailed us within the deadline for not receiving Course-3 certificates, we will be rerunning the certificate process soon after validating.
  • Instructions for Oral exam were sent on 20-Dec-2020 via the "sscourse2" email distribution list. Please thoroughly read the instructions and attempt.
  • From 21-Dec-2020, emails are being sent to "sscourse5" distribution list after removing IDs who requested unsubscriptions till 18-Dec. For registered participants, the change should ideally be seamless, but since it's a big list, sometimes your email system may mark it as spam or social or promotion kind of email.
  • If any expected emails are missing, please check your inbox as well as spam, social, promotion folders thoroughly before sending an email to us (Sanskrit Club) about something missing. Also, if you find what you were looking for after reaching out to us, then please inform us. Deadline for "missing Course-3 certificate" emails is over.

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