Perovskite Society of India, Department of Physics and Center for Flexible and Smart Energy Devices, IIT Roorkee jointly Organizes a Conference on

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"Perovskite Society of India Meet (PSIM)-2023"

March 01-03, 2023

Venue: IIT Roorkee

Our Official partners

PSIM 2023 Final schedule and Abstract booklet are now available click here

About PSIM 2023

In the past ten years, the hybrid metal halide perovskites has emerged as a new class of photovoltaics materials and sensor technology, they also provide fascinating opportunities for fundamental studies. The aim of this conference will be to provide a platform to interact and stimulate advancements in perovskite field both at lab and industry level. This conference will be designed to cover the three major research topics in the field of perovskite research including materials, devices and photophysics. The purpose of this meeting is to bring together experts on this topic, primarily within the country, working on various aspects of these materials. This conference will provide a platform to exchange knowledge about the latest academic and industry results and to discuss the latest trends, developments and limitations in perovskite photovoltaics.

About Perovskite Society of India

One of the primary aim of the society will be to promote awareness about perovskite research and raise policy research on this area. The society will aim to spread knowledge in the perovskite research among people and make them more aware about the commercialization potential of this material for energy, environment, sensor, biomedical, optoelectronics application  etc and fundamental research. The society will be involved in various common activities including conducting workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. in the above mentioned domains. We aim to make next generation “energy scientists and engineers” and bridge young scientists and engineers in one common platform

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