Guest Lecture by Mr. Prakash Singh

The importance of pursuing our passion and working on it to serve the society was radiated in the guest lecture organized by NSS IIT Roorkee on February 8th, 2017, on the inauguration of the Civil Services Aspirants Club addressed by the Padma Shri awardee Mr. Prakash Singh (A former IPS officer).

The motivation Mr. Prakash Singh intended to provide to every fella sitting over there was not just by a means of his golden words in the form of a texted speech but by the string of his own life experiences he faced at every step right from his preparation for such an exam to the bitter circumstances he faced in his tenure. He portrayed two sorts of trends of career growth, a politically aligned one where there is a steep rise followed by a steep fall when the political environment changes, contrasted with a politically neutral one where there is slower but steadier rise.

Not only that, he even asked the audience if they were prepared to pay the price to follow the righteous path. He launched into a short account of his professional life to demonstrate the sacrifices one might need to make. As soon as he got into the IPS, he was picked up by the Intelligence Bureau (IB). Owing to his policy of not agreeing blindly to his seniors, he was deported to Kohima at a time when Nagaland was facing a full-scale insurgency. Under the government of Chaudhary Charan Singh, he was elevated to the status of DIG. He went on a crusade against corrupt police officers. Unfortunately, and coincidentally, all the police officers suspended were Jats. He was suspended from his duties on the allegations of casteism and extramarital relations with a woman. Both allegations were later dropped after an anti-corruption probe. When he became the DGP, UP.

Police, the law and order in the state improved for the first time in years (Dainik Jagran published an editorial appropriately titled “UP mein Prakash ki Kiran”) and he went on a crusade against the mafia, wiping most of them. He was relieved of charge by the U.P. government but reinstated shortly after when president rule was imposed during the razing of the Babri Mosque.

Concluding in his own words,” One needs to have changes in the structure of the police for the nation to progress. A change in structure, a drive for modernisation, and freedom from political stranglehold is required.”
The inspiring lecture was followed by a question and answer session where he answered the students’ doubts ranging from preparation to the path of sincerity one should follow in his/ her career.
The whole event concluded by a vote of thanks and a memento from Dr. Smita Jha towards Mr. Prakash Singh for devoting his valuable time. The audience was asked to disperse after the National Anthem.