Revisiting Human Origins

Guest Lecture Series

Guest Lecture by Mr. G.G. Krishnamurthy

IIT Roorkee, 17 October 2016:NSS IIT Roorkee organised the orientation session for the new first-year members in the MAC auditorium. The session was conducted by G.G. Krishnamurthy, an IITR alumnus himself. The session was highly informative and interactive and was chiefly based on concepts about how one should lead life, especially through the college years. He said “The definition of success stands on self-satisfaction and not on monetary achievements.” For leading a happy life, he believed that the students needed to know a little more about the human psychology, so he informed that humans possess three intellectual traits:

  • IQ - Intelligence Quotient
  • EQ - Emotional Quotient
  • SQ-Spiritual Quotient

Giving examples, Mr Krishnamurthy informed about how people having high levels of IQ, EQ, SQ would react to similar troubles, telling the students that none of these components’ deficiency could be good for someone. Giving examples from real-life situations, he gave an example of a highly successful man who murdered his family and eventually shot himself succumbing to fierce stress that he was facing due to some financial problem, thus proving that if any of these components is not sufficient, the effects may tend to be disastrous.
He also referred to some cases in IIT Roorkee itself elaborating on how students have committed suicides surrendering to their fears and being disheartened by failures in academics and social life and gave the students simple tips on how one could go about improving their lifestyles by improving the three listed traits.
Mr Krishnamurthy then gave a questionnaire to the audience wherein they were supposed to answer some questions based on their opinions about immediate surroundings and response to activities going around them. The questionnaire was conducted to evaluate or comprehend the psychological condition of the students and help them if need be. Concluding his session, he enlightened the audience that success is about what one wants in life.