Department Library

Books, Journals, Databases

Libraries: Central & Department

With books and databases in several disciplines of Humanities and Social Sciences, the Department Library is a rich depository of knowledge for students and faculty members. Books, journals, databases, and magazines are also available at the Institute's Mahatma Gandhi Central Library ↗ which is located beside the James Thomason Building ↗.

Research Scholar Cubicle

Research Scholars

Individual Working Space

Research scholars are provided individual cubicles in a shared space, located in the department building.

Department Conference Room


Lecture & Conference Rooms

The department buildings houses two lecture halls. Classes are also held at the Institute's Lecture Hall Complex, where the classrooms are equipped with state of the art amenities like audio and video conferencing, digital podium, laser projector, motorized projector screen and digital writing board. The department also houses a conference room for seminars and talks by students and visitors. Classes during the pandemic are being held online.

Department Computer Lab

IT Facility

Computer Lab

The department's computer lab has modern hardware, supported by various softwares. Students can learn various programming languages like C++, MATLAB, Python, and R. Several softwares to conduct quantitative and qualitative (e.g., NVivo) analyses are available, and can be accessed upon request. The functioning of the lab is assisted by a dedicated technical staff.

Department Econometrics Lab


Econometrics Lab

The lab is equipped with special softwares like STATA, SPSS, and others which are widely used to analyze economic datasets. These softwares are usually accessible by students when they are in the campus.

Department Language Lab


Language Lab

Courses taught to advance the level of spoken English language skills are followed by practice sessions in which the objective is to help students reduce the influence of their respective mother tongues on their English use. The grammar and vocabulary exercises strengthen the knowledge of the language, while regular participation in extempore and group discussions ensure greater fluency. The lab's technical features facilitate such learning. Also, there are softwares on foreign languages like Chinese, German, Portuguese, Italian and Spanish. The softwares include Orell Digital Language Lab & English Edge.

Department Psychology Lab


Psychology Lab

The lab is a modest facility to conduct research and give training to the students and faculty. It was established in the year 1971 with the objective of providing theoretical and practical understanding of behavioral aspects of an individual as well as of the group. The activities involve familiarization and practice in the use of various psychological tools, software and tests, standardized questionnaires, and conducting experiments.

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