ABOUT (GP, MRC, AW, Vikas Kunj)

The four hostels G.P, MRC, Azad Wing (AW) and Vikas Kunj are provided the facilities to accommodate the married scholars in the IIT Roorkee. The name GP hostel acknowledged after the name of great Indian scientist and Padam bhushan Dr. Ghananand Pande. He completed his B.E in civil engineering from the Thomson college of engineering (now IIT Roorkee) in 1925. This hostel has a capacity of 132 rooms for the occupation of married scholars. The MRC hostel has 111 rooms capacity, AW has 57 rooms, Vikas Kunj has four blocks (Q, R, S and T) with 56 rooms for the married scholar’s occupancy.

These hostels have two badminton courts, recreation parks for kids, vehicle parking facilities, a common room for small parties and functions, high speed LAN connectivity, CCTV surveillance, installed fire extinguishers, easy accessibility to fruit-vegetable venders, grocery and daily items etc.

Hostel Committee

Prof. Thanga Raj Chelliah

Chief Warden



Azad Wing (Bhawan Representatives)

Jagriti Jain jjain@wr.iitr.ac.in

GP Hostel (Bhawan Representatives)

Rathod Viral Bipinchandra

MRC Hostel (Bhawan representatives)

Bhagwan Das

Vikas Kunj (Bhawan Representatives)

Yogesh Kumar ykumar@cy.iitr.ac.in

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