Eligibility Criteria For Membership

The eligibility for membership shall be as follows:

  • Honorary Fellow: Honorary Fellowship shall be conferred on persons of eminence by the Society. He shall not be required to pay any subscription.
  • Individual Members: The membership of the Society is open to all individuals associated with or interested in earthquake technology. In addition to this, they must have a degree in any branch of science or technology or diploma in engineering with more than 10 years professional experience or its equivalent.
  • Institution Members: The Institution Membership is open to all Institutions, i,e., Universities, Colleges, Government Departments, Design and Construction Firms and the like, interested in earthquake technology.
  • Fellows: Individual Members can apply for Fellowship of the Society if they are more than 40 years of age and have made significant contribution to Earthquake Technology. All such applications shall be considered by a committee comprising of the President and two past Presidents of the Society.
  • Student Members: The Student Membership is open to all interested undergraduate students who are pursuing studies to obtain a degree in any branch of science or technology or equivalent.
  • Subscribers: Anyone interested in the Society Journal could become a Subscriber by paying the specified subscription fee.
  • Membership will be forfeited if subscription for any year is not paid till 31st March of the year to which it relates and his name is liable to be removed from the list of members after serving notice to the defaulting member to this effect.
  • Membership forfeiture or suspension of any member of Society may also be effected by the General Body on the recommendation of the Executive Committee on account of the member's involvement in an activity bringing discredit or being against the aims and objectives of the Society.
  • All categories of Fellows/Members are entitled to participate in the General Body Meetings of the Society and attend various functions of the society.
  • The subscription amounts for various categories of Fellows/Members and Subscribers would be decided by the Executive Committee. Every enhancement will be reported to the General body. The membership application form will include the subscription rates for various categories.
  • All Fellows/Members are entitled to receive the Journal and/or News Letter of the Society free of any additional charge as under:
    1. Institution Members: 2 copies each of Journal and News Letter.
    2. Honorary Fellows: Fellows and Individual Members: 1 copy each of Journal and News Letter.
    3. Student Members: One copy of the News Letter only.

Membership Forms