1. Research papers, technical notes, state-of-the-art papers and reports on damaging earthquakes which have not been previously published or offered for publication elsewhere are considered for publication in the ISET Journal of Earthquake Technology. Discussions on any paper previously published in the Journal are also considered for publication. Articles submitted to the Journal should be original and should not be under consideration for publication elsewhere at the same time.
  2. Four copies of the manuscript should be submitted to the Editor for possible publication of an article in the Journal.
  3. Following are specific requirements with regard to articles and formats:
    1. Paper length: The length of a paper should be restricted to 10000 words maximum
    2. Headings and subheadings: Headings should be in bold uppercase and not numbered. Sub-headings should be in bold lower case and may be numbered.
    3. Figures and Tables: These should be numbered consecutively in Arabic numerals and should be titled. Figure captions should be given on a separate sheet.
    4. Photographs, illustrations: Good glossy bromide prints of these must accompany the manuscript and not be attached to the manuscript pages.
    5. References: These should be listed alphabetically at the end of the text and numbered serially. These should be cited in the text by the last name(s) of authors followed by the year of publication in parenthesis. In case of more than two authors, the last name of the first author followed by et al. and the year of publication is to be cited in the text. References are to be listed in the following format only:
      • Krishna, J. and Chandrasekaran, A.R. (1964). "Earthquake Resistant Design of an Elevated Water Tower", Bull. Indian Soc. of Earthquake Tech., Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 20-36.
      • Prakash, S. (1960). "Soil Dynamics", McGraw Hill Book Co., New Delhi.
      • Wason, H.R., Sharma, M.L., Pal, K. and Srivastava, L.S. (1986). "Digital Telemetered Seismic Array in Ganga-Yamuna Valley", Proc. 8th Symposium on Earthquake Engg., Roorkee, Vol. 2, pp. 91-99.
      • Rai, D.C., Narayan, J.P., Pankaj and Kumar, A. (1997). "Jabalpur Earthquake of May 22, 1997: Reconnaissance Report", Deptt. of Earthquake Engineering, University of Roorkee, Roorkee.
    6. Abstract: This should not exceed 150 words and be an abbreviated, accurate representation of the contents of the article. It should be followed by a list of 3 to 5 key words of these contents.
    7. Units: All quantities should be in SI units. Other units may be enclosed in parentheses after the SI units, if necessary.
  4. Preparation for Publication: Once accepted for publication, the final version of the article will be sent to the author(s) for proof checking. The author(s) should ensure that it is complete with no grammatical or spelling errors and return the same to the Co-Editor within 15 days.