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About Us

"Innovation begins with Creativity" and we define Innovation as the successful implementation of the creative ideas. In this view creativity is the first and necessary thing for Innovation but not sufficient. Students' Activity Forum, Intellectual Property Rights Cell, IIT Roorkee is a student body dynamically involved in helping the students of IIT Roorkee generate innovative ideas, communicate new technologies and develop the skills that can make a difference between success and failure.
We believe - "The pursuit to excellence involves continuously exploring new ideas and exploiting them for sustainable growth"

Activities of SAF

SAF is focused on creating awareness among the students about Innovation and things pertaining to IP culture by means of Lectures, Workshops, Technical Competitions and various other interactive events. It targets to create an environment of creativity where new ideas flourish.SAF also assists students in availing financial aid to transform an innovative idea into demonstrable model under the Technopreneurship Promotion Programme (TePP) of Department of Science and Industrial Research, Govt. of India.
  • Events in 2012
  • i Genesis: Ideas presentation
  • The competition invites students to showcase their ideas, from a techno entrepreneurial perspective regarding any design/process or product/device in any field of science/technology. Learn more
  • Best of waste
  • This event aims to stimulate the students to develop prototypes of industrial/domestic applicability which makes efficient use of waste resources as well as at the same time are innovative with high market value. Learn more
  • Paint-o-novus
  • The theme was –“VISIONARY INNOVATORS” which extends gratitude to honor their efforts in making this World better. Learn more
  • IP tooner
  • The event aims at presenting Intellectual Property (IP) and related concepts in a light hearted manner. The participants employed their humor to design a witty comic strip. Learn more
  • IP Quiz
  • The quiz was a combination of direct questions and Audio-Visual rounds and conducted in two rounds.
  • Events in 2009
  • TePP Idea Promotion Event (Nov '09)
  • It was held to tap innovative ideas of students of IIT Roorkee in order to monetarily support them through TePP.
  • Workshop on Patent Search (May '09)
  • It was a hands-on training session on Patent Search for the students, research scholars and faculty members of IIT Roorkee institute. It was conducted by an expert from TIFAC, New Delhi.
  • KIPASPA (29-31 Jan '09)
  • It was an international conference on knowledge sharing and IP management focussing especially on evolving strategies in Asia-Pacific.
  • Events in 2008
  • TePP Classroom Presentation Program '08
  • Through this programme we introduced TePP to students at IIT Roorkee through short classroom presentations.
  • TUC Inaugration
  • The Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cell, Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IIT) in association with Technology Information Forecasting and Assessment Council (TIFAC) , Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Department of Scientific and Industrial Research, (DSIR), Govt. of India had organized a one day Inauguration cum Orientation Program for the TePP Outreach Centre (T.U.C.), IIT Roorkee.
  • Techverve '08
  • Techverve, a business plan competition, was held to tap innovative ideas of students of IIT Roorkee in order to monetarily support them through TePP.

SAF Team

Abhinav Unnam IV Year Convener
Shubham Rathore IV Year Co-Convener
Sajal Rustagi IV Year Co-Convener
Shubham Gupta IV Year Finance Head
Pramil Anand Verma IV Year Design Head
Ankita Mondal IV Year Secretary
M. Vamshi chowdhary III Year Member
B. Srinivasa Rao III Year Member
Bhawana Soni III Year Member
Nikhil Barodiya III Year Member
Archit Garg III Year Member
Anshul Mittal II Year Member
Lakshay Gupta II Year Member
Pankaj Kumar II Year Member
Ashi Jain II Year Member
Rohan Kansal II Year Member
Avish Vijay II Year Member
Jitesh Arora II Year Member
Prabhaat Chandra II Year Member

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