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International Relations Office

From the inception of this institute in 1847 its international character is quite strong. Several engineers trained here were deployed in other parts of the world to carry out major projects. For example, William Willcocks (1852–1932), a British civil engineer who graduated from 1872 batch, is remembered as a renowned irrigation engineer, having proposed the first Aswan Dam and undertaken major projects of irrigation in South Africa and Turkey. IIT Roorkee has a long history of having African & Asian students, especially in the areas of Water Resources. Students from 55 different countries have been educated at IIT Roorkee.

The tradition of being a major educational hub in training students from Asia and Africa is sustained by IIT Roorkee in recent times also. Among IITs, Roorkee hosts most international students.

The Institute is committed to international cooperation and has been actively involved in partnering with countries to develop initiatives in the fields of engineering, applied sciences, social science and management education.

Our office coordinates all international activities of IIT Roorkee, including the ones listed below.