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Initiated in 2003, Cognizance, the annual technical festival of IIT Roorkee, has provided a podium for engineering innovations and raw ideas to echo, over the last 14 glorious years and has set new benchmarks of quality. Cognizance 2016 was a huge success with overwhelming participation of 75,000 from all over the world and over 15 lakh web hits. Cognizance 2017, aims to achieve the vision to be at the frontiers of the emerging technovation, thus the theme “Eureka 2.0” coherently speaks of the ways to culminate new propositions and accomplish a second “Eurekian” juncture reminiscent of the accomplishment of the legendary Archimedes, by providing a platform for bartering innovations.Cognizance 2017 would solicit enthusiasts to pry in the lucrative fantasies that nature provides and transpire changes to rectify the damages that the ailing world suffers.

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