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 Directors Message

It gives me immense pleasure in welcoming, on behalf of the entire campus community of the Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee, the new entrants to this historic Institution. The Institute has a standing of about 164 years, 55 years as University of Roorkee and 10 years as IIT Roorkee. It has its roots in the Roorkee College, which was set up in 1847 and was renamed as the Thomason College of Civil Engineering in 1854. The College laid the foundation of modern engineering education and the use of civil engineering practices in the infrastructure development of the country. The infrastructure in the forms of dams, impoundments, canals, roads, highways, railway lines and bridges etc. in the country all has been the outcome of the modern engineering education that started with this college. The Thomason College of Engineering got elevated as the first Engineering University of the country in 1948 through the Roorkee University Act 1947 passed by the United Provinces Legislature. In 1955, the University Roorkee also became the first institution in the country to offer postgraduate programmes in engineering and technology

On September 21, 2001, the University of Roorkee was converted to an IIT by the Government of India through an Act of Parliament and was recognized as an Institution of National Importance.

Over the years, the IIT system has evolved to reach and hold a unique position of pride in the technical education system in India. This system is known world over for providing quality technological and scientific education and an environment conducive to new and path breaking research and development in frontier areas of engineering, technology and science. The pursuit of technological excellence in a highly competitive environment is the benchmark of the IIT system. There are seven old and large IITs, namely IIT Bombay (at Mumbai), IIT Delhi, IIT Guwahati, IIT Kanpur, IIT Kharagpur, IIT Madras (at Chennai) and IIT Roorkee. In the years 2008 and 2009, eight new IITs, with three specializations each, were added to the list raising the number of IITs to 15.

University of Roorkee had rich heritage of past and had its standing as one of the best technical Universities in the world. The rich traditions of this historic institution combined with the brand equity of the IIT system have produced an institution par excellence in IIT Roorkee. I invite you to experience the unique environment at Roorkee, which is a blend of tradition and modernity and is evolving continuously.

As of new, IIT Roorkee has 19 academic departments and 3 centres of excellence supported by the several service centres like Computer Centre, Information Superhighway Centre, Instrumentation Centre and Central Library. The Institute offers 11 Under-Graduate courses in engineering and architecture, five Integrated Dual Degree (IDD) courses, three Integrated M.Tech, three Integrated M.Sc., and 54 Post-Graduate courses in engineering, architecture, sciences, computer application and business administration besides Ph.D. degree programmes and post-doctoral reseach in all the disciplines. Admissions to the Under-Graduate, Integrated Dual Degree and Integrated M.Tech./M.Sc. courses are made through a nation-wide Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). Graduate Aptitutde Test in Engineering (GATE) is a prominent component of the basis for admission to PG courses and mandatory for award of fellowship. In the Academic Session 2010-11, we had a total student strength of about 6100 (including more than 900 Ph.D. scholars), faculty strength of almost 400 and a support staff of about 1000. The faculty of the Institute is encouraged to undertake sponsored research and industrial consultancy and always looks forward to a healthy and productive interaction with the industry.

With 164 years of history in producing quality engineers, Roorkee has a rich Alumni base that has significantly contributed in the nation building process. The Alumni of the Institute have done exceedingly well in all spheres of life at both national and international levels and brought name and fame for themselves as well as to their Alma Mater. The Institute takes pride in their achievements.

Apart from academic activities, the co-curricular activities, sports, adventure, cultural and social- service activities, form important parts of the life of the students. This importance is well indicated in the spread of facilities at the IITR campus. There is a full-fledged adventure club, the Himalayan Explorers Club, a very active Cultural Society and one of its kind, the Institute Boat Club, in addition to the regular facilities.

All undergraduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. students reside on the campus and thereby get full opportunity to participate in co-curricular and extra-curricular activities leading to a holistic personality development. With all the faculty members also residing on the campus, there is a unique, close and family – like relationship between students and teachers.

I welcome the newly admitted students to the portals of this great educational institution and wish them a memorable, meaningful and rewarding tenure and emerge as world-class engineers, architects or scientists. I would urge upon them to prove as good human beings and worthy citizens of this great country, India. The senior students are welcome back to the new academic session with renewed vigour and dedication. I also welcome parents of our students, both freshers and seniors, and every one visiting this institution to go around the beautiful and sprawling campus at Roorkee. I also welcome everybody to see our impressive campuses at Saharanpur and Greater Noida.

With best wishes,

    Indian Institute of Technology Roorkee
    ROORKEE  247 667 (Uttarakhand)