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 Institute Central Administration
Designation Name E-mail Phone
Director Prof. Pradipta Banerji
Dy. Director Prof. Vinod Kumar +91-1332-285221


Administration Prof. U.P. Singh +91-1332-285090
Alumni Affairs & International Relations Prof. Sandeep Singh +91-1332-285840
Finance & Planning Prof. P.K. Ghosh
Faculty Affairs Prof. Deepak Kashyap +91-1332-285233
Sponsored Research & Industrial Consultancy Prof. Manoranjan Parida +91-1332-285245
Students' Welfare Prof. D.K. Nauriyal +91-1332-285246

Associate deans

Faculty Affairs Prof. Yogendra Singh +91-1332-285525
SRIC Prof. M. Shrikhande +91-1332-285810
Bhawans Dr. N.K. Nawani +91-1332-285091
Discipline Dr. Inderdeep Singh +91-1332-285094
Foreign Students Dr. P. Jeevanandam +91-1332-285092
Academic Studies Dr. Apurbba Kumar Sharma +91-1332-285421
Academic Research Dr. Rama Krishna Peddinti +91-1332-285438


Registrar Prashant Garg +91-1332-285311
Dy. Registrar & PIO Dr. Shyam Narayan +91-1332-285535
Asstt. Registrar (Services) Pradeep Sharma pradeepkumarsharmaiitr
Asstt. Registrar (Recruitment) N.K. Verma
Dy. Registrar (General Administration) S.K. Saini +91-1332-285015
Asstt. Registrar (Meeting) C.S. Verma
Asstt. Registrar (Legal) Subhash Chand +91-1332-286510
Dy. Registrar (Finance & Account) G.K. Rastogi +91-1332-285789
Asstt. Registrar (Finance & Account) Pramod Kumar +91-1332-286568
Asstt. Registrar (Finance & Account) on Contract Jain Singh +91-1332-284243
Dy. Registrar (Academics) Dr. Ajay Kumar Sharma
Asstt. Registrar (Academic Studies) Subhash Chand Sharma +91-1332-286385
Asstt. Registrar (Academic Research) Sheeba Ramola +91-1332-286569
Asstt. Registrar (SRIC Administration) R.K. Sharma +91-1332-286569
Dy. Registrar (Liaison Cell) Raman Lal +91-1332-285253
Asstt. Registrar (Material Management) Bibi Moriam Barbhuiya +91-1332-284824
Asstt. Registrar (Material Management) Dileep Kumar Topo   +91-1332-284825
Deputy Registrar (Internal Audit) Dr. Suman Kumar
Asstt. Registrar (Director Office)
& PS to Director
Mrs. Marget Cilamkoti margaretcilamkoti
Asstt. Registrar (Saharanpur Campus) Rajvir Singh Khatri  
Asstt. Registrar (GNEC) on Contract Ashwani Kumar Sharma  
Asstt. Registrar (Academic Section)
On Contract
N.T. Diheung newme.aad.iitr.
Asstt. Registrar (Establishment)
On Contract
Lalit Kumar +91-1332-284822
Asstt. Registrar (DOSW)
On Contract
Rishi Sirohi +91-1332-284842