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SITC of Air source Heat Pump based water heating system

The work of installation of air source heat pump based water heating system at terrace of A, B, C, D & E Block of 800 capacity students’ hostel (G+6) is in progress. It will provide 1600 Ltr/Hr of hot water, with storage tank at each block having insulated, valves, Pressure gauges, Temperature gauges, pumps, insulated piping, mixtures and all required accessories suitable for hot water as per specification including associated electrical, plumbing and civil works.

Technical specifications are as below:-
• 1.1 Hot water rated o/p volume - 600 Ltr/Hr (using at least two units of equal capacity at each block) considering initial water temperature is 15⁰C and final temperature is 55⁰C
• 1.2 Power Supply V/Ph/Hz: 400~440V/3 PH/50Hz
• 1.3 Max output water temperature: 55⁰C
• 1.4 Machine should be able to work within ambient temperature range from: -5 ⁰C~43 ⁰C
• 1.5 Average Coefficient of Performance (COP) >= 3.8 at 15⁰C (Wet Bulb) ambient temperature with initial water temperature of 15⁰C to final water temperature of 55⁰C (for heat pump machine only)