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Installation of Digital Multifunction Meters (DMF Meter)

For transferring monitoring and control of utilities from manual to digital, IIT Roorkee is implementing SCADA system. To provide digital inputs to this SCADA system Estate & Works is in progress of installation of Digital Multifunction Meters (DMF Meter) at various substations of IIT Roorkee.

These DMF Meters shall be of HT (3 Phase 3 / 4 wire ) & LT, 3 Phase 4 wire panel mounted of accuracy class 1.0 with RS 485 based Serial Communication with MODBUS RTU protocol for easy integration with SCADA. They shall be provided for accurate and reliable measurement of electrical quantities (I, V, Hz, p.f., kW, kWh, kVA, kVAr, etc.) for SCADA. It has to be a large multi-line backlit LED panel which enables four parameters to be displayed at the same time. An expansion module can be fitted for enhanced functionality (pulse input/output).