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Dr. Gaurav Manik
Gaurav Manik Assistant Professor manikfpt[at] 0132-2714340
Areas of Interest
  • Polymer Composites, Environmental friendly natural fibre based composites; Epoxy Based Conductive Composites
  • Process Optimization and Control, Process optimization and Control of Multiple Effect Evaporators
  • Molecular Simulation of Polymers, Design of Performance Polymeric Coatings
  • Coatings, Development of performance Easy-Clean, Oleophobic and Sacrificial Coatings
  • Synthesis of Novel Industrially Important Adhesives, Development of speciality Pressure Sensitive Adhesives for Industrial Applications
Professional Background
2013Till DateAssistant Professor, Polymers & Process Engg. Department, IIT Roorkee
Jan 2016April 2016Visiting (Seconded) Assistant ProfessorAsian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, THAILAND
20082012Senior Scientist (Manager), Corporate Research Materials Lab3M, Bangalore
20002004Lecturer, Chemical Engg DepartmentsBITS Pilani And BIET Jhansi
19971998Engineer-TIndo Gulf Fertilizers & Chemicals Ltd
Educational Details
Ph.DChemical EngineeringI.I.T Bombay2010
M.TechChemical EngineeringI.I.T Kanpur2000
B.TechChemical EngineeringH B T I, Kanpur1997
Administrative Background
20152016Warden, Malviya BhavanIIT Roorkee
20132016Faculty-in-Charge: Games & SportsIIT Roorkee
20132016Faculty-in-Charge: Training & PlacementIIT Roorkee
20142016Member, Institute Academic Program Committee (IAPC)IIT Roorkee
July 2017till dateWarden, Malviya BhavanIndian Institute of Technology Roorkee (IITR)
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Development of sealants for self-repairing and puncture resistant tiresDTIL, Mumbai2016
Development of Bio-based resins and composites from Non-edible Plant oilsScience and Engineering Research Board (SERB), DST2016
Participation in seminars
NamePlaceSponsored ByDate
SETCOR International Conference on Smart Materials and SurfacesBangkok, ThailandIITR26-08-2014
International Forum on Sustainable Future in Asia:Converting Aspirations to ActionsAsian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, THAILANDAsian Institute of Technology, National Institute for Environmental Studies (NIES) Japan, & others27-28Jan16
International perspectives on mobile healthAsian Institute of Technology (AIT), ThailandYunus Center of Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Thailand4Apr2016
Complex Fluids SymposiumNCL-PuneNational Chemicals Laboratory (NCL) Pune21-22Feb08
2nd International Congress on Computational Mechanics and Simulation (ICCMS-06)IIT Guwahati, IndiaIndian Institute of Technology Guwahati and Indian Association for Computational Mechanics (IndACM)8-10Dec06
Users Conference by Innovative Software Solutions Pvt. Ltd (COMSOL)Leela Palace, BangaloreCOMSOL 17Nov06
Computational Approaches to Materials Science-2006 (CAMS-2006)Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, BangaloreJawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, Bangalore17-21Jan06
Biotechnology SymposiumIIT BombayBioschool Association and Research Scholar’s Forum, at IIT Bombay3-4Dec2005
National Symposium by Chemical Engineering Association (CHEA)IIT BombayIIT Bombay19Mar05
58th Annual Session of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers (CHEMCON-2005Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD), DelhiIndian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChe)Dec2005
National Workshop on Advanced Methods for Materials Characterization (NWMC) Bhabha Atomic Research CentreMaterials Research Society of India (MRSI) Mumbai Chapter11-15Oct04
National Symposium on NanotechnologyIndustrial Research and Consultancy Centre, IITBombayResearch Scholar’s Forum/Industrial Research and Consultancy Centre, IITBombay2-3Oct2004
58th Annual Session of Indian Institute of Chemical Engineers, CHEMCON-2004Indian Institute of Technology Delhi (IITD), DelhiIdian Institute of Chemical Engineers (IIChe)27-30Dec05
International Conference on Polymers for Advanced Technologies (MACRO-2004)ThiruvanthapuramSociety for Polymer ScienceDec 2004
  • Material Research Society of India, Life Member
  • Indian Society for Technical Education, Life Member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Process Systems Analysis & ControlPP-411IIIrd Year Process Engg & Management, IIIrd Year Polymer Science & TechAutumn
Environmental AuditingED 79.06MTech First Year at Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), ThailandSpring
Polymer MaterialsPP-356IVth Year Intg. Polymer Science & TechnologySpring
Mass TransferPEN-208IInd Year Polymer Science & Tech., IInd Year Process Engg. & IInd Year Paper Tech.Spring
Polymer CharacterizationPEN-206IInd Year Polymer Science & TechnologSpring
Elastomer Science & Rubber TechnologyPP453IVth Year Int. Polymer Science & TechnologySpring
Material and Energy BalancePP102Ist Year Polymer Sci. &Tech, Int. Process Engg. & MBA, Paper TechSpring
Environmental ManagementPP320IIIrd Year Paper Tech., Process Engg., IVth Year Polymer Sci. & Tech.Spring
Communication SkillsPP 322IIIrd Year Polymer Sci &Tech., Paper Tech., Process Engg.Spring
Projects and Thesis Supervised
Title of ProjectNames of Students
Study on Elongational viscosity of HPAAM used for EORGarrepally Sandeep Kumar Enrolment No. 11412009
“Rheological behavior of long-chain branched poly(ethylene terephthalate)” under DAAD-IIT Master SchShah Rajas Sudhir
Development of functional bio-based materials based on natural polyphenol and polyurethaneJoginder Bansal, Enrolment No. 11412011
Molecular Dynamics Simulations of Acrylate Based pressure sensitive adhesivesKapil Sharma
Molecular Simulation of PVA based anti-stain and easy clean coatingsSanjay Krishna
Molecular simulations of industrially relevant polyvinyl acetate coatingsYash Singhvi
Strength analysis of 3D printed polymer materialsS. Gowri Shankar
Development of Performance PSAs from Natural ResourcesVivek Pandey and Meeta Trivedi
Molecular simulations of self-cleaning coatings of hydrolyzed PVAc in perfluorooctaneEhtesham Shakeel and Devaspati Krishnatri, 2015-2016
Mechanical and viscoelastic properties of PP, HGM and Natural Filler based compositesNityanshu Kumar, Enrolment: 13121013
Molecular simulations & synthesis of perfluoro based anti-stain easy clean coatingsNityanshu Kumar, 2015-2016
Modeling and simulation of properties of polyaniline based electrically conductive epoxy compositesPratik Sanjiv Kasbe, AND Nityanshu Kumar
Research Scholar Groups
Scholar NameInterest
Om Prakash VermaProcess Modeling, Simulation and Control
Vinay KhandelwalPolymer Conductive Composites
Sushanta SethiMolecular simulations, coatings
Rupam GogoiPolymer Composites
Dr Sushanta K. Sahoo (post-doctoral student)Bio-source based Composites
Rajesh MahadevaModeling and simulation, Artificial neural networks
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Optimation and Control of Multiple Effect Evaporators using Intelligent TechniquesOm Prakash VermaA2013
Development of Epoxy Based Conductive CompositesVinay KhandelwalO2013
Molecular Simulation of hydrophobic and oleophobic environmental friendly easy-clean coatingsMr. Sushanta SethiO2016
Light-weight high strength hybrid composites for industrial applicationsRupam GogoiO2016
Modeling of Desalination process using Artificial Neutral NetworkRajesh MahadevaO2017
Visits to outside institutions
Institute VisitedPurpose of VisitDate
Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, THAILANDVisiting Seconded Faculty to teach a course in the School of Environment Resource and Development (SERD)9-01-2016
IIT GuwahatiDeliver Invited Talk in Second Symposium on Advances in Sustainable Polymers (ASP) 21-22Jan15
IMS GhaziabadDelivered a Keynote Lecture in Induction Program on “Corporate Challenges and Responsibilities in Global Scenario”, during the special session on Corporate Interface; Was also honored as Guest of Honor.16Jul15
IIT GuwahatiTheme Paper/Invited Talk in First Symposium on Advances in Sustainable Polymers (ASP). Lectures delivered on “Mesoscale simulations of sustainable polymers”, “Sustainable polymers in Coatings and Adhesives Industry”,6-11Jan14
Participation in short term courses
Couse NameSponsored ByDate
QIP Workshop on “Molecular Simulation Techniques”AICTE 21-02-2015
Courses or Conferences Organised
Conference NameSponsored ByDate
Advances in Packaging TechnologyDepartment of Paper Technology (Organizing Deptt)6-7Oct2015
International Conference on Emerging Materials and Applications (ICEMA)Department of Paper Technology, IIT Roorkee (Organizer)5-6Apr2014
Clean Technologies for Process IndustriesDepartment of Paper Technology, IIT Roorkee (Organizer)27-28Mar14
Special Lectures Delivered
Sustainable Polymer: Growing Importance in Adhesives and Coatings IndustryIIT Guwahati8/01/2014
Mesoscale Simulations of Sustainable PolymersIIT Guwahati8/01/2014
Corporate Responsibility and Challenges in New Product Development and Environmental sustainabilitySriram College of Management22/03/2014
Refereed Journal Papers



  1. Vinay Khandelwal, Sushant K. Sahoo, Ashok Kumar and Gaurav ManikElectrically conductive green composites based on epoxidized linseed oil and polyaniline: An insight into electrical, thermal and mechanical properties, Composites B:Engineering, Accepted.
  2. Om Prakash Verma, Toufiq Haji MohammedShubham Mangal and Gaurav ManikMinimization of energy consumption in multi-stage evaporator system of Kraft recovery process using Interior-Point Method, Energy, Vol 129, pp 148-157, 2017.
  3. Om Prakash Verma, Gaurav Manik and Toufiq Haji Mohammed, Energy Management in Multi-stage evaporator through a steady and dyanmic state analysis, Korean Journal of Chemical Engineering, Vol 34, No. 10pp 1-14, 2017,
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  5. Sushant K. Sahoo, Vinay Khandelwal,  and Gaurav ManikDevelopment of toughened bio-based epoxy with epoxidized linseed oil as reactive diluent and cured with bio-renewable crosslinker, Polymers for Advanced Technologies, Accepted.
  6. Pratik S. Kasbe, Nityanshu Kumar and Gaurav Manik, “A molecular simulation analysis of influence of lignosulphonate addition on properties of modified 2-ethyl hexyl acrylate/methyl methacrylate/acrylic acid based pressure sensitive adhesive”, International Journal of Adhesion and Adhesives, 78, pp 45-54, 2017
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  8. Nityanshu Kumar, Shubham Mireja, Vinay Khandelwal, Arun B and Gaurav Manik, Light-weight and high-strength hollow glass microspheres and bamboo fiber based hybrid polyproylene composite: A strength analysis and morphological study, Composites Part B: Engineering, Elsevier, 109, pp 277-285, 2017.
  9. Om Prakash Verma, Toufiq. H. Mohammed, Shubham Mangal and Gaurav Manik, "Modeling, simulation and control of the dynamics of a Heptads’ effect evaporator system used in the Kraft recovery processes Kraft recovery processes", Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, SAGE, In Press. pp 1-13, DOI: 10.1177/0142331217700239
  10. Om Prakash Verma, Toufiq. H. Mohammed, Shubham Mangal and Gaurav Manik, "Simulation and control of a complex nonlinear dynamic behavior of multi-stage evaporator using PID and Fuzzy-PID controllers", Journal of Computational ScienceElsevier, In Press
  11. Om Prakash Verma, Toufiq. H. Mohammed, Shubham Mangal and Gaurav Manik, “Optimization of steam economy and consumption of heptad’s effect evaporator system in Kraft recovery process”, International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management, Springer, Published online 25 May 2016, DOI 10.1007/s13198-016-0488-1
  12. Om Prakash Verma, Toufiq. H. Mohammed, Shubham Mangal and Gaurav Manik, Modeling the Dynamics of Heptads’ Effect Evaporator System in the Kraft Recovery Processes. International Journal of Control Theory and its Application, (SCOPUS-Indexed),9(11), 2016.
  13. Om Prakash Verma, Suryakant, Gaurav Manik, Solution of SNLAE model of backward feed multiple effect evaporator system using genetic algorithm approach, International Journal of System Assurance Engineering and Management, Springer, Published Online 30 Sept 2016, DOI 10.1007/s13198-016-0533-0.
  14. Om Prakash Verma, Toufiq. H. Mohammed, Shubham Mangal and Gaurav Manik, “Mathematical Modeling of Multistage Evaporator System (MSE) in Kraft Recovery Process”, Springer’s book on Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, In Proceedings of the Fifth International conference on Soft Computing and Problem Solving (SoCProS-2015), held at Saharanpur Campus of IIT Roorkee, Dec18-20, 2015.
  15. Om Prakash Verma, Sonu Kumar and Gaurav Manik, “Analysis of Hybrid Temperature Control for Non-linear Continuous Stirred Tank Reactor”, Springer’s book on Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, In Proceedings of the Fourth International Conference on Soft Computing and Problem Solving, Editors: K. N Das, Springer, Vol. 336, DOI 10.1007/978-81-322-2220-0_9, 2015.
  16. Gaurav Manik and Byravan Arun, “Glass Bubbles in Engineering Polymers: Impact Analysis on Thermal and Mechanical properties”, Modern Plastics and Polymers, vol 2, pp 88-90, 2012.
  17. Gaurav Manik and Byravan Arun, “Glass Bubbles in Engineering Polymers: High powered impact on performance”, Modern Plastics and Polymers, vol 6, no 10, pp 68-70, 2011.
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  2. Gaurav Manik, Nityanshu Kumar, Shubham Mireja and Alok Kumar Yadav, A process of preparing a sealant composition, Patent Application No. 201721028538, Patent Filed 12 August 2017.
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  1. Sushanta K Sethi, Nityanshu Kumar and Gaurav Manik, Molecular dynamics simulations of hydrolyzed PVAc - PFO based anti-stain self-clean coatings, in MACRO-2017, held at Tiruvanthapuram, January 8-12, 2017.
  2. Nityanshu Kumar, Sushanta K Sethi, and Gaurav Manik, Effect of Chain Length and Branching on Properties Predicted by Molecular Dynamics Simulations, MACRO-2017, held at Tiruvanthapuram, January 8-12, 2017.  
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