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Dr. Sham Sundar Ravindranath
Sham Sundar Ravindranath Assistant Professor shamrfps[at]
Areas of Interest
  • Bitumen, Polymer modified bitumen, Crumb rubber modified bitumen, -
  • Reclaimed asphalt pavement (RAP), -
  • Rheology of Complex Fluids: Polymer Melts & Solutions, Blends, Biological Fluids, Food and Pharma , -
  • Particle Imaging Velocimetry, Novel Rheological Measurements, -
  • Polymer Processing, Reactive Extrusion & Injection Molding, Processing of Polymer Composites, -
Professional Background
2015PresentAssistant ProfessorIIT Roorkee, India
20112015Material ScientistRoyal Dutch Shell: Bitumen and Asphalt Group, India
20102011Analytical ScientistCelanese-Ticona, USA
20032005Project AssistantNational Chemical Laboratory, Pune, India
Honors and Awards
Nomination: Frank J. Padden AwardAmerican Physical Society2009
Educational Details
Ph. DPolymer ScienceThe University of Akron, U.S.A2010
B. TechPolymer Science and EngineeringSJCE, Mysore2003
Administrative Background
2015PresentFaculty-In-Charge: Polymer Rheology LabIIT Roorkee
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Understanding and mitigating property erosion in polymer modified bitumen during storage SERB2017
Rheological evaluation of complex fluidsIIT Roorkee, SRIC2015
  • Indian Road Congress, Member
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Polymer Product Processing and Eng.PEN 301B. Tech. (3rd Year)Autumn
Polymer Rheology and ProcessingPEN 204B. Tech. (2nd Year)Spring
Polymer ThermodynamicsPEN 201B. Tech. (2nd Year)Autumn
Polymer ProcessingPEN 305B. Tech. (3rd Year)Autumn
Fiber TechnologyPEN 426B. Tech. (4th Year)Spring
Polymer Film and Packaging TechnologyPEN 432B. Tech. (4th Year)Spring
Introduction to PolymersPEN 101B. Tech. (1st Year)Autumn
Projects and Thesis Supervised
Title of ProjectNames of Students
The effect of storage temperature and time on the softening point of polymer modified bitumenSandeep Meena
The effect of storage temperature and time on rheology of polymer modified bitumenRapakwad Vinayak Ram
Research Scholar Groups
Scholar NameInterest
Sumit Kumar SinghAlternative polymers for bitumen modification
Akanksha PandeyUtilization of waste plastic for bitumen modification
Yogesh KumarRheological study of bitumen
PHDs Supervised
TopicScholar NameStatus of PHDRegistration Year
Thermal and Rheological Study of Polymer Modified BitumenSumit Kumar SinghO2015
Effect Utilization of Waster Plastics for Bitumen ModificationAkansha PandeyO2016
Rheological study of modified and unmodified bitumenYogesh KumarO2016
Refereed Journal Papers
  1. “Shear Banding in Entangled Polymers in the Micron Scale Gap: A Confocal-rheoscopic Study”, Pouyan Boukany, Shi-Qing Wang, Sham Ravindranath and L. James Lee; Soft Matter, v. 11, pp. 8058, 2015.
  1. “Letter to the editor: Cone partitioned plate (CPP) vs. Circular couette”, Sham Ravindranath, Yang Wang, et al.; J. of Rheology, v. 56, pp. 675, 2012.
  2. “How polymeric solvents control shear inhomogeneity in large deformations of entangled polymer mixtures”, Sham Ravindranath, Shi-Qing Wang et al.; Rheo. Acta, v. 50, pp. 97, 2011.
  3. “Homogeneous shear, wall slip, and shear banding of entangled polymeric liquids in simple-shear rheometry: A roadmap of nonlinear rheology”, Macromolecules, v. 44, pp. 183, 2011.
  4.   “Banding in simple steady shear of entangled polymer solutions”, Sham Ravindranath, Shi-Qing Wang et al.; Macromolecules, v. 41, pp. 2663, 2008.
  5.   “Steady state measurements in the stress plateau region of entangled polymer solutions”, Sham Ravindranath and Shi-Qing Wang; J. of Rheology, v. 52, pp. 957, 2008.    
  6. “Universal scaling characteristics of stress overshoot in startup shear of entangled polymer solutions”, Sham Ravindranath and Shi-Qing Wang; J. of Rheology, v. 52, pp. 681, 2008.
  7. “Large amplitude oscillatory shear behavior of entangled polymer solutions: Particle tracking velocimetry”, Sham Ravindranath and Shi-Qing Wang; J. of Rheology, v. 52, pp. 341, 2008. 
  8. “What are the origins of stress relaxation behaviors in step shear of entangled polymer solutions?”, Sham Ravindranath and Shi-Qing Wang; Macromolecules, v. 40, pp. 8031, 2007.
  9. “New theoretical consideration in polymer rheology: Elastic breakup in chain entanglement network”, Shi-Qing Wang, Sham Ravindranath et al.; J. of Chemical Physics, v. 127, pp. 064903, 2007. 
  10. “Non-quiescent relaxation of entangled polymer liquids after step strain”, Shi-Qing Wang, Sham Ravindranath et al.; Physical Review Letters, v. 97, pp. 187801, 2007.
  11. “Banding in entangled polymer fluid under oscillatory shearing”, Prashant Tapadia, Sham Ravindranath and Shi-Qing Wang; Physical Review Letters, v. 96, pp. 196001, 2006.


  • Oral
  1. “How do entangled polymer liquids flow?” American Physical Society (APS) 09.
  2. “Stress overshoot scaling in startup shear of entangled polymers”, Society of Rheology (SOR) 08.
  3. “Achieving steady state in stress plateau region of entangled polymer solutions”, SOR 07.
  4. “Nucleation and growth of chain disentanglement in large amplitude oscillatory shear”, APS 06.
  5. “Probing the origin of nonlinear velocity profiles in shear flow of entangled polymers”, SOR 06. 
  6. “Nonlinear behavior in oscillatory shear of entangled polymers”, SOR 06.
  • Poster
  1. “Rheological evaluation of performance grading criteria of bitumen”, COMPFLU 2016, Pune.
  2. “A study of property erosion in polymer modified bitumen during storage”, COMPFLU 2016, Pune.
  3. “Is there elastic yielding in absence of edge effects?”, SOR 08.
  4. “Universal scaling in startup shear of monodisperse entangled polymer solutions”, SOR 07.
  5. “Identifying origins of stress relaxation in step strained entangled polymer solutions”, SOR 07.
  6. “Probing the crystallization behavior of LLDPE under shear”, Macro 04.