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Abhijit Majti
Abhijit Maiti Assistant Professor mabhifpt[at]
Areas of Interest
  • Polymeric Materials, Multifunctional Polymeric & Inorganic Composite, Membrane Synthesis & Applications
  • Water Treatment, Treatment of Contaminated Groundwater and Wastewater, Arsenic Remediation, Adsorption
Professional Background
2014TodayAssistant ProfessorIIT Roorkee
20112014Postdoctoral FellowUniversity of Alberta
20132014Adjunct FacultyUniversity of Alberta
20002002Assistant Chemical EngineerKesoram Rayon Industries
19982000Quality Control and Product Development EngineerBharat Margarine Limited
Honors and Awards
Best Poster Award in the International Conference on Nano Science and Technology (ICONSAT-2010)IIT Bombay2010
National ScholarshipGovernment of India1995
Educational Details
Ph.D.Chemical EngineeringIIT Kharagpur2010
M.TechChemical TechnologyCalcutta University2004
B.TechChemical TechnologyCalcutta University1998
B.Sc (Hons)Chemistry Calcutta University1995
Administrative Background
2014till todayAssociate Professor-incharge LibraryIIT Roorkee,Saharanpur Campus
Sponsored Research Projects
TopicFunding AgencyYear
Synthesis of porous polymeric coated granular Fe-Al oxyhydroxide adsorbent from natural claySRIC IITR2014
Teaching Engagements
TitleCourse CodeClass NameSemester
Heat TransferPP-2142nd Year PEM, PST, & PP, 3rd Year PSTSpring
Heat TransferPP-2032nd Year PEM, PST, & PPAutumn
Process Utilities & CogenerationIPP-014th Year PPAutumn
Energy TechnologyPE-2532nd year PEMAutumn
Chemical Engineering ThermodynamicPEN -252PEM II YearSpring
Materials and Energy BalancePP-102I Year PEM and PSTSpring
Visits to outside institutions
Institute VisitedPurpose of VisitDate
IIT KharagpurJoint research project11/06/2016
Joint Research ProjectIIT KharagpurI2014
Organic matter in pulp & paper mill wastewater and produced water of oil extraction: Challenges and opportunitiesCentral Pulp & paper Research Institute, SaharanpurG2015
Books Authored

Sirshendu De and Abhijit Maiti, Arsenic Removal from Contaminated Groundwater using Laterite Based Adsorption Technique, TERI Publisher, 2010, ISBN-10: 81799338311, ISBN-13: 978-88179933831, New Delhi, India

Refereed Journal Papers

[16] S. G. Thakurta, A. Maiti, D. J. Pernitsky, S. Bhattacharjee, Dissolved organic matter in steam assisted gravity drainage blow-down water, Energy & Fuels, 27 (2013) 3883–3890.

[15] A. Maiti, B. K. Thakur, J. K. Basu, S. De, Comparison of treated laterite as arsenic adsorbent from different locations and performance of best filter under field conditions, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 262 (2013) 1176-1186.

[14] A. Maiti, M. Sadrzadeh, S. G. Thakurta, D. J. Pernitsky, S. Bhattacharjee, Characterization of boiler blowdown water from steam assisted gravity drainage and silica-organic co-precipitation during acidification and ultrafiltration, Energy & Fuels, 26 (2012) 5604-5612.

[13] V. B, A. Maiti, S. Bhattacharjee, S. De, Electric field assisted cross flow micellar enhanced ultrafiltration for removal of naphthenic acid, Separation Purification Technology, 98 (2012) 36-45.

[12] A. Maiti, J. K. Basu, S. De, Experimental and kinetic modeling of As(V) and As(III) adsorption on treated laterite using synthetic and contaminated groundwater: Effects of phosphate, silicate and carbonate ions. Chemical Engineering Journal, 191 (2012) 1-12.

[11] A. Maiti, J. K. Basu, S. De, Fe-Al nano-oxide prepared by sol-gel method using precursor of HCl digested liquid fraction of laterite: Arsenic adsorption performance, International Journal of Nanoscience, 10 (2011) 1173-117.

[10] A. Maiti, J. K. Basu, S. De, Chemical treated laterite as promising fluoride adsorbent for aqueous system and kinetic modeling. Desalination, 265 (2011) 28-36.

[9] A. Maiti, J. K. Basu, S. De, Development of a treated laterite for arsenic adsorption: Effects of treatment parameters, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 49 (2010) 4873-4886.

[8] A. Maiti, J. K. Basu, S. De, Removal of arsenic from synthetic and natural groundwater using acid activated laterite, Environmental Progress and Energy Sustainability, 29(4) (2010) 457-470.

[7] A. Maiti, V. Agarwal, J. K. Basu, S. De, Removal of As(V) using iron oxide impregnated carbon prepared from tamarind hull, Journal of Environmental Science and Health, Part A:, 45(10), (2010) 1203-1212.

[6] A. Maiti, J. K. Basu, S. De, Desorption kinetics and leaching study of arsenic from arsenite/arsenate-loaded natural laterte, International Journal of Environmental Technology and Management, 12 (2010) 294-304.

[5] A. Maiti, B. K. Thakur, J. K. Basu, S. De, Arsenic removal on treated laterite from contaminated groundwater, Arsenic in Geosphere and Human Diseases, As 2010 - 3rd International Congress: Arsenic in the Environment,  (2010) 401-402.

[4] A. Maiti, H. Sharma, J. K. Basu, S. De, Modeling of arsenic adsorption kinetic of synthetic and contaminated groundwater on natural laterite, Journal of Hazardous Materials, 172 (20009) 928-934.

[3] A. Maiti, S. DasGupta, J. K. Basu, S. De, Batch and column study: Adsorption of arsenate using untreated laterite as adsorbent, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 47 (2008) 1620-1629.

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[1] A. Maiti, S. DasGupta, J. K. Basu, S. De,  Adsorption of arsenite using natural laterite as adsorbent, Separation Purification. Technology, 55 (2007) 350-359.